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Can I use this Gear

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Hi Guys,

Haven't been here a while. Great to come back with questions.

I have ski for at least 15 years. Have never done skinning or backcountry as they call it. I want to try it this year and see if I like it. I am a person that goes to the top in search for Pow. Yet before knowing if I like skinning or not I would not like to make any heavy investments. Thus these are my questions as a beginner:

1. Can I use my Salomon Czar or Salomon Scream Skies for skinning upwards?
2. Can I use the bindings that I have on them? T910 Salomon? (If their is no way I can then can I mount backcountry bindings on these skies)
3. Can I use regular boots ( please don't make me change my boots I really had these costum fitted)
4. Any other rec/advice for.a beginner?

Thank you indeed.

PS Please don't send me a video link! Have seen quite some I need costum responses otherwise I wouldn't be posting here.
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The only way you could use your ski and bindings is with a BCA Alpine Trekker, which would work fine with your skis/ bindings/ boots. You would then just need climbing skins. If you like touring then you will want to get new skis/ bindings and boots.

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