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Help me narrow down some narrow skis

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I'm looking for help creating a shortlist of narrow bodied, all mtn, skis. Input appreciated.

Me:6'0",190lbs, 48yrs, advanced/expert, aggressive but only 10-15 days, primarily in PacNW. Occasional Rocky Mtns.

Pref: Black Diamond, crud, pow (if avail) and moguls in am then cruisers with kids in afternoon.

Looking for a primary ski which is stable at speed, tight to mid turning radius, quick enough for bumps and enough float for occassional trees, fresh snow. I will demo fats/ mid-fats on big snow days but generally don't like the lack of grip, instability and feel of fatter skis (Line 110 and Rossi Soul 7's both disappointed outside of 6"+ of fresh, felt like waterskis)

I currently ski Volkl AC30, 170cm, and love the stability at speed, turning radius and power in the tail. Quickness is fine and they grip well in crud. I really enjoy this ski but it is really heavy and suboptimal in powder.

Based on the great discussions here and with peers, i believe the follosing could all work. Please let me know if I'm headed in the right direction. I'd like to demo 2-3 pair.

*84 /86 RTM

* Magnum 8.5
* Brahma

*Nrgy 80 / 90

* MX / FX / TX (78 - 94)
Confused by all these models, actually.

* Elan Amphibious 88

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You could try the supernatural 92. I find mine to be a geat hard snow/crud ski. I find it to be a fairly stiff ski that is easy to ski in a wide range of conditions. It seems to have flown under the radar on the internet for how good of a ski it is.
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thanks.  i'll give the supernatural a look.

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Kastle FX94 HP 181 couple of good reviews on Epicski awesome ski for Western daily driver
Kastle MX88 178 less float, more grip no speed limit initiates well but less turny than ac30 bigger sweet spot and more refined. A must demo.
FX94 176 more traditional feel than the new model, very good in bumps, kills crud at speed, likely find one at a good price.
If you ski Whistler check Fanatyco
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I've got a couple Whistler trips on the books.  I'll make sure to hit Fanatyco and give the Kastle lineup a spin.  Thanks very much!

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I would consider Fischer Motive 86 and 95, Head Monster 88, and Rossi E88.  For a more groomer bias, the Fischer Progressors or Head Supershapes.

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Blizzard Latigo. Great for groomers, bumps and skied our trees.
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K2 AMP Rictor (90 XTI).  This is a 2015 ski, and does all you'd want on the groomers while being totally bankable in <6" of fluff.  If you want the 2016 models, there are a couple of Ikonic models (80TI and 85TI) that are similar.  I'm similar in size to you and ski the 2013 K2 Amp Rictor (80mm underfoot) at 180 cm long and love it.  Slight amount of tip rocker that keeps it from being too hooky in the moguls while smoothing out the crud performance.

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Other option of course is keep the AC30 for between storms and get a 95-105 ski for softer snow. If that appeals to you add a bmx105 hp 181 to your whistler demo list
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Head Supershape i.Rally.  76 mm underfoot.  Carves well.  Very versatile off-piste in crud & bumps.  Not the choice for deep powder.  I'm 6', 180#, and the 170 cm is just right.  Head has four models in their Supershape line, and these seem to hit the sweet spot with flex distribution and other attributes a bit better than the others in the line.


I rented these when I was in Austria and liked them so much that I bought a pair.  I'm selling the 66mm skis I used for groomers and the 85mm skis I used for thin powder & crud. 




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