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How to ski Breck on the weekend

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My 15 year old is going to Breck the weekend of the 23rd  of Jan and I wanted to come up with a game plan for him to avoid crowds. He's an upper intermediate skier who skis all blues and single blacks. He's be starting off on the Snowflake lift every morning (that's where his condo is) and will be moving on from there. 


I don't want him heading up to any hike-to terrain or the Windows area, but anyplace else is game. Thanks much.

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Peak 8 will be the most crowded.  Peak 9 has many intermediate runs from the top, but can also get crowded.  Peak 10 has some black runs that an upper intermediate can do and lift lines will be minimal.  Peak 6 will be fun for him to get up high on the mountain, but ski some intermediate bowl terrain and runs.  And it usually has the smallest lift lines.

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Thanks, Bamaman. Looking at the trail map, I think that I'll tell him to stick to Peak 10 on the first day. It looks lower (he needs to acclimatize) and safer (no hike-to terrain) than Peak 6 does.


So looking at Peak 10, are Spitfire and Corsair tree runs? From the map, they look like they're glades, maybe? Same for Mustang and Blackhawk?

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IIRC, Snowflake Chair tends to open early to get people up the mountain. If he gets there early (about 8:15am??) he should be able to get to Peak 8 for openers. He can get a few runs on Peak 7 or 8 before the crowds get too bad. Then move to Peak 9, but stay high (Mercury Chair, not Beaver Run or Quicksilver). When Mercury Chair starts to back up, head for Peak 10. As a single rider, I've not had long waits on Falcon Chair.


Depending on his ability, 6-Chair may also be a good option (single-black runs with trees), I've only seen 6-chair get really bad when the snow is really good.

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Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks, much.


Now if you could just figure out for me how to get a 15 year to listen to advice...

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Ask him if he wants help first.  If he says yes then give him the above advice ?

If he doesn't want help, let him figure it out by himself?

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Peaks 9 & 10 are definitely the least crowded areas at Breckenridge so far this season.  Breckenridge has changed the buses around this year which is causing even more people to be on Peaks 8 & 7.  After the gondola was installed a number of years back most people just parked and went up the gondola to Peak 8.  If they parked in the free airport parking lot they would take the red bus to Breck Station, get off and go up the gondola to peak 8.  It took several years for people to start realizing they could stay on the red bus from the free airport lot and continue on to Beaver Run/Peak 9 where it was not as crowded.  However, Breckenridge changed that this year.  The red bus from the free airport parking lot now only goes to Breck Station (the gondola).  If people parking want to get to Beaver Run (Peak 9) via bus they have to get off the red bus and take the black bus to Beaver Run.  So Peak 9 is nowhere near as busy as Peaks 8 & 7.  I work at Breck part time and even during the Christmas/New Years busy time Peak 9 was not very crowded compared to the previous few years.

I think Vail Resorts (Breckenridge) is doing this because they own very little real estate and restaurants over on Peak 9.  Beaver Run and most of the properties along the base of Peak 9 are NOT owned by Vail.  Many people skiing Peak 9 will go to Beaver Run or even go to restaurants in Village at Breckenridge for lunch/apres'.  Vail resorts wants to 'push' people into the restaurants they own and show off the real estate they own and manage thus tries to keep them on Peaks 8 & 7.

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We have found in the past (those who have posted that live/work in breck can correct me), that yes peak 8 can get crazy busy, but for some reason people tend to gravitate to the colorado super chair which will seem like a mad house, but the rocky mountain chair will be practically empty. Both basically take you to the same place.

Peak 10 is fun and agree with the stay up high on peak 9.
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I am going to be there in jan also. Staying in a condo on Peak 7. Any advise on steep groomers? How about any restaurant recommendations?

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The highest concentration of steeper groomers is on Peak 10, which also tends to be least crowded peak at Breck.  Watch the grooming reports, if Pika is groomed off the top of the T-bar it can be good (my wife's favorite).  The views from that elevation are pretty good.  If you want to ride the highest chairlift in North America you can go up the Imperial chair and ski the ridge line (4 o'clock) down.  This ridge line is groomed, but it can be very icy.  Only try it on a clear day with low winds if you have any anxiety about doing it.

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Best solution?  Take a lesson.  You get to cut the lift lines.



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