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Lol what did I just watch?!
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Drink lots of water and keep water and ibuprofin/aspirin on your night stand because you'll wake up in the middle of the night with a headache, dry mouth and a need to pee (if you've been drinking your water).

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Not much to add.  Plenty of good advise.  Especially the water.  If you do think you are getting altitude sickness then you might want to consider going to Montrose for a few hours or more as an option.  It's not fun and should be taken seriously.


Have a great time.

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I've never been to Telluride but spent a lot of time in Summit Co, Co. Same altitude. My main problem was at night. Headachy and trouble sleeping. The cure for me was to drink tons of water. It didn't help the sleeping too much as I was peeing all night, but at least I felt better. It's not perfect, but for most it's only annoying. 

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Thanks for all the replies and info!
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