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Advice: Mid-Intermediate Ski Choice

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I've been discussing a few ideas on another thread and learnt a lot (thanks @sibhusky @IceCookie @voghan @Ghost, really appreciated for all the advice.)

Now I want to narrow down some suggestions so I can head out and buy some new gear for my next trip in February!

Here's some info, the best I can describe:

- Technique is no way perfect.
- Need to have lessons to improve carving, probably skid a little too much when turning and occasionally loose some of my parallel on steep runs that I struggle to handle.
- have occasionally crossed skis at the tips in the past causing obvious issues - not in a while but this does make me worried about a longer ski that
- get the thrill out of a bit of speed, but don't want to be an idiot that is reckless
- I want something that will help me push on my ability
- Skid for about 3ish years
- Ski mainly in Europe at large resorts.
- 27 y.o Male
- 171cm - 5ft7inches
- 143ish lbs - 65kg approx.
- Custom fitted Solomon XPro 120 boots.
- Mostly ski piste, but do face choppy conditions at larger resorts
- Very little opportunity to demo

Skis that have been put forward to me:

Rossignol Pursuit 700T
Salomon X-Drive 8.0 F
Volkl Code Speedwall S UVO

Volkl RTM 81
Rossignol Experiences 80
Dynstar Powertrack 79
Head i.Supershape Titan
Brahma Blizzard
K2 Ikonic (a friend mentioned these today)

Anything I have missed, feel free to offer insight.
I may have not got the widths/lengths right, please feel free to offer advice in these also.

This forum has been amazing so far. Thanks guys for all your input.
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I.Supershape is a piste ski per the Head site. The Head Instinct is their all mountain line.
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A few comments.  At your size and weight and ability, I would be looking at ski in the 165-170 cm length.  At the shorter end if its a narrow carver with little or no rocker and at the longer end if wider and some rocker.  European skiers like narrower carver type skis compared to skiers in the US (especially in Rockies).  In general your list looks pretty good.  I haven't skied many of the skis you mentioned, but did demo the Head Supershape Rallye and loved it.  I would also add the Fischer Progressors (similar to the Head Supershapes) or the Fischer Motives to your list.  

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Assuming you are on bigger hills where a SL radius isn't ideal.

Stockli Laser SC

Kästle RX12

Fischer WC RC

Stockli Laser SX

Blizzard RC Ti


Get them in the second shortest or middle length they come in.  Longer turn radius and longer skis will help with choppy conditions, shorter turn radius will help you make more turns per dollar and improve faster.

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