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Powder Mt Utah Cat Skiing

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I'm headed out to Powder Mt first week of March with three others, we are two advanced skiers and two intermediates.
Me and my friend want to spend hald a hay cat skiing, but I don't know if my wife could handle the terrain, she is OK when not flustered or gets intimidated. If anyone has experience with the Cat skiing operation at Pow Mow I would appreciate your feedback.
I understand that Cobabe Canyon is more friendly for intermediate skiers (she does not do trees).


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Been there twice in March. Most of the skiing is low angle and if you get a guide, (highly recommended) your wife should be fine if she is strong intermediate

We were lucky and hit ankle/knee deep powder both times. There is many different ways down the same "run" and the guide will give everyone their best way down keeping a eye on everyone.The lift served stuff is mostly low angle also but the guide will show you some steeper stuff that is not on the trail map. The first time we skied untracked all morning off of the lifts.(only possible with a guide if you don't know the area)  Lowell is great guide giving tips and hints on how to ski the powder and the best line down for each skier. Book ahead.

Those were some of our best days ever skiing.

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The Powmow cat terrain is pretty flat. The difficulty will be determined by the snow conditions.

If she doesn't do trees, she probably shouldn't go on the half day. Just do the single ride and if it's good, hike up again.
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Paging @mikebike .  Spends a month or two at PowMow.

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Cat skiing at pow mow can be very fun if there is new snow.  Keep in mind there are 3 basic types of cat skiing there-....... Lightning Ridge --- which is a pay as you go single ride type of deal and there are ways down from there without being in the trees     Raintree -- also pay as you go (one caveat is they rarely run the RainTree Cat) --- also not much in the way of trees     Thirdly -- there is Powder Expeditions --- this is the $400+ per day plus a reg lift ticket --- If you do not like trees they do have some terrain but this is best utilized by those comfortable in the trees


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As far a trees goes, there are many places were there is pretty wide clearings between tree stands. Tell the guide what all your comfort level is and he should be able to accommodate everyone in the group if there is snow coverage. Last time we went we had 6 of us at different ability levels and all went home with a smiles on our faces.

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$400/day is a fairly steep price for the parameters described by the OP.  I would also not want to commit to that in advance for March because Powder Mt. is relatively low altitude.  So you want to monitor the weather and see that it snowed quite recently before assuming there will be good powder in March.


Powder is usually degraded by sun or wind before it is tracked out by skiers.  Therefore you will usually get plenty of fresh tracks in bounds if the snow is fresh.  Cobabe is probably ideal for the OP's wife.  You also have the Powder Country bus shuttle runs and the pay-by-the-ride cat on Lightning Ridge, both of which I highly recommend.

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