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Pamela Anderson

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Natalie looks like Christine Sondag in this photo. Christine is a female from Iowa with whom I served in the army.

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Nastia is a Russian-American who is ethnically Slavic and religiously Russian Orthodox.




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"In 2004, however, she [Tippi] acknowledged that she was actually born on January 19, 1930[7] (which is confirmed by her birth registration information at the Minnesota Historical Society)[7] in New Ulm, Minnesota, to Bernard Carl and Dorothea Henrietta (née Eckhardt) Hedren.[4] Her paternal grandparents were Swedish immigrants, while her maternal ancestry is German and Norwegian.[8] Her father ran a small general store in the small town of Lafayette, Minnesota, and gave her the nickname 'Tippi'. When she was four, she moved with her parents to Minneapolis, Minnesota." 




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Pam Anderson...haven't heard that name in a while. Apparently her two sons--didn't know--are old enough to go to college...time flies.
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