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We love to ski

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So I am sitting here with drink in my hand, recovering from seven straight days of skiing (and another two to go).  I am in New England, the conditions suck, but I am having the time of my life.  I am with my wife, and my two girls, one of whom I have not seen in months because she is in college.  We are together doing what we all enjoy.  


Most of my time has been on slaloms, another chunk of time on the Kendos, and this afternoon my daughter convinced me to dust off the tele gear.  Nothing like doing tele after your legs are burnt out; it is truly special.  Spent the past two hours tuning a bunch of our skis; ya they took a beating.  


It took me years to realize that it is all good.  It doesn't matter where you are, how much snow or how steep.  Make sure you have the right gear and just go out and ski.  Man, I can't imagine what it will be like later in the season when the trails are full with, or even better we get crushed with a storm and everything is open.  


Happy New Year everyone.  Go out and tear it up, wherever you are.  



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Agreed Pete.  Someone asked me "how can you ski that easy mountain with only two trails open without getting bored?"  "Bored?"  I answer.  To me each turn is a magical moment.


That same person is watching TV right now.  That's boring.


Have a great season!

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Now there's some really skiers. I very seldom straight run. Turn turn turn.
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Agreed Pete. I'm up to ten days on the same three trails at Stowe. I haven't gotten bored yet. I've skied good conditions to horrible conditions, but I've yet to think that I wasted my time by getting out on the slopes.
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5 days on the the one open trail at Bristol-400 ' of pure gnar.................Skiing my old slaloms, dodging a beginners, race kids, frustrated park rats and more. Good practice for skiing bumps and ice, practicing turns and looking ahead. Legs feel good and it does beat not skiing!

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