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Boot fitter in New Jersey/Eastern PA ?

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I live in central NJ and am looking for a top-notch boot fitter in the area, preferably w/in a 90 minute drive, which pretty much includes the entire state and eastern PA from Philly up to the Poconos.

My fit "problem" is that I'm an intermediate+ skier who has a very narrow ankle/calf and flat feet. (I can ski blacks, but I prefer blue groomers and some NASTAR.) Langes and older Rossi's were still loose, but the Tecnica TNS LVL from a few yrs back was too narrow. The boots I've usually found to fit best are race boots, but I don't want or need a race flex. I guess boot manufacturers figure all skiers below expert have big feet & want a cushy fit. I've been to a handful of shops over the past few years that some of the various mags have promoted as being good. Some of these, which shall remain nameless, have left me scratching my head.

One shop mounted the high ends of the toe & heel cants on opposite sides of the same ski! Another shop over-posts their footbeds (although this just my be the biased opinions of other bootfitters from different shops). And a third shop didn't center my one heel on the footbed, so there was a flat spot on one side of the heel instead of a heel "cup"...and the pronating side, to boot. I didn't notice this until the footbed was removed from the liner. Finally, I've heard so many sides of the cork vs. heat-molded hard or weighted vs. unweighted vs. partially-weighted debate that my head spins. (Can you tell that I've spent way too much money on footbeds & boots?!)

Can someone help me out with a bootfitter that I can have some confidence in?

P.S. I usually wear a 10½-11 street shoe and am in a 26 shell with a MasterFit/Instaprint footbed, which I've been told is an aggressive shell fit for a recreational skier.
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Check out Salters in Eagleville, PA (little north of Valley Forge, as I recall)--they've been written up from time to time in the national magazines.
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One of the reasons that we may NOT have a good boot fitter in NJ, is that NJ was requiring that the services be provided by an MD!

A guy I know started a business and recieved notice that he was in violation and would face prosecution. : :
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