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Sports bar in Aspen?

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I'm looking for some place in Aspen to watch the College Football National Championship game on January 11th. Is there some place that has a bunch of TVs to watch the game on? I don't really care if it's a sports bar, just someplace that I can drink and watch the game.

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I'm sure most bars have plenty of TVs and if you ask nicely they would put your game on. I watched the Superbowl last year at the Ranger Station in Snowmass.
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Bar at Mezzaluna is a nice spot and not too pricey. Watched the NFC Championship game a few years ago from the bar at Ajax Tavern. Bar at Hotel Jerome can be good, too.
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Those are all good options.

The Elks Club is probably the wealthiest in the country (they own the whole building) and the cheapest place to eat/drink in town.
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Don't you have to be a member? I drank at a Moose Lodge once but that was only because my car broke down outside of the lodge and when I went inside to use the phone, the geezers at the bar bought me beers. 


Thanks for the suggestions, Dino. They're close enough for me to stumble home afterwards. 

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Be one or with one. My dad was a long time Elk and now I wish I'd joined back then.
Nice Eagles Club in Aspen too, but they're not nearly as common.
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Nice - my wife is an Elk! Will have to hit it in March.
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