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Crystal is one of my favorite ski hills anywhere, and with the huge pre-Xmas storms in the PNW, the conditions were superb for our two days at Xmas, We live in Seattle, so Xmas Eve we headed up early in the long procession of cars - it was a 9 inch powder day after all. In reality it really wasn't that busy on the hill, and by the afternoon it was more or less deserted. There was so much snow that there was no way the hill could be skied out by the amount of people there. This left pow all day long, and well in to the next. And this was real pow, it fell at 15F and really didn't warm up all day.


We stayed down in a very quiet Enumclaw Xmas Eve night so we could be up early the next day. Xmas Day is traditionally a great crowd-free day to ski anywhere, and this was no exception.It was another fabulous day


There's a bunch of pics at: