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Marker Lord with Dynafit Zero Boots

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Got a great deal in Canada on some skis and bindings and I do all my own mounting as living in Nashville TN there are no real ski shops near by.  Ran into a little problem while doing a dry fit of the boots and bindings that I would like to get some knowledgeable opinions on, and I know there are many who would advise taking to a ski shop, but I would not be posting if I planned on doing that. I have mounted successfully many bindings in the past and as a mechanical engineer I feel comfortable with the work I do and decisions I make.  Thanks in advance for taking a look at what I have documented.



Here you can see the toe and heel piece fastened to a 1 x 6 before I mount to the skis


Ready to engage boot into binding



A close up of the toe and heel positions


Now I check forward pressure setting (left) and adjust it to correct position (right) with boot engaged.



I remove boot from binding and when try to reinstall I am way too tight against the heel for boot to fit back into binding


It might be possible to remove material as shown above or is there a possibility that I am measuring the forward pressure incorrectly for this binding?


Note also that I adjusted the AFD position at the toe to be compliant with the go and nogo criteria, just did not show any of this here.


Many thanks for taking a look here and suggestions to help solve this problem are most appreciated.



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I work in a shop and have mounted a few bindings although we are not a Marker dealer so I have no experience with the Lord. But, I have had boot/binding combinations that when the ski was on the bench I coiuld not get the boot in, but when I put it on the floor and could press straight down, the boot went in. Is that the case here? Also, are you sure that boot is DIN compatible? I didn't think Dynafit made boots that are.
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Thanks for your response and after posting I spent further time seeing how I could make the situation work, I also discovered that with boot on foot I could step into the binding.  The Marker Lord is interesting as it has 2 positions to mount the toe piece, one for touring and one for alpine.  Here is the intro info for the binding:


Marker is the only manufacturer that makes a non-touring binding that accommodates AT and alpine boots safely: the Lord SP Ski Binding. The burly, made-for-ripping Triple Pivot Elite toe features a pin system that you adjust for AT or alpine boots. Finer adjustment is made with the AFD plate. Because some people don't like their touring bindings unless, well, they're touring. These designated downhill bindings are lighter than the AT bindings, and most time burlier for harder-charging descents. So when you can handle specialized bindings, rather than making a compromise when inbounds, you do.

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I think the cause of the issue is the Dynafit boot. The sole on those Zero's is very short, to allow a more natural gait while walking and also save weight.
Combined with the toe shape, it means that the top of the toe stocks out further than on many other boots.
This has also been know to create problems in tech bindings in walk mode.

The 'AT mode' on the binding simply means it will go up higher to allow for a thicker soled AT boot versus a thinner DIN soled alpine boot, it doesn't offer anything for length wise sharp of the boot.

I would suggest sanding down some of the toe carefully if t goes in under body weight, doing a very careful check to see that it doesn't affect release in any way.
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