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Ski in the morning. Work evening. Ever try it?

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I'm moving to the evening shift at work for a while. I tried skiing in the morning and then going straight into work to work the evening shift and it seemed to work out pretty well. I think I might be able to get turns in 7 days a week for a little while (thanks much to a supporting wife who packs lunches and dinners for me).

Wondering if anyone else has ever tried that, and how did it work?

Unfortunately, I won't be on the afternoon/evening shift for long, I then move to the overnight shift. Still could conviceably get turns in 7 days a week, although the long car drive makes me tired after being up all night. Still trying to figure that one out.

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I do the opposite. Work early and bolt out for night skiing. That works great. My problem with work after skiing is lost motivation due to beers consumed.
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Thanks to the internet, I can work from anywhere.  That said, when I go on ski trips I usually get up early and do a few hours work, go ski until 2pm and then work from 3pm to ?  Works for me

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I used to do it every day, all season long. Then again I was 23 and I lived within walking distance of both the lifts and my job. Made things pretty convenient.


 I also did it for one season on the overnight shift. But again, no commute as my job was on top of the hill.

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Me too! 10 seasons of 140+ days.
3-11's were good because you could still have some social life.
11-7's were tuff on relationships, but good for powder days.
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Possible but can be tough especially if work is demanding during and outside work hours. I skied 5-6 hrs and then worked for 8-10 hrs almost daily during my recent ski trip. I don't plan on doing that again.
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When my kid was on squaw patrol he would get up at 4 to do snow safety, patrol until sweep done about 530PM, and then go to crossfit. 

Now that he's surgery resident, though, he's finding out what working hard really means, although now he'll work all day and all night, get off in the morning, sleep a couple of hours and drive through a blizzard a couple of hours to ski here in the afternoon and the next day.

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Depending on my workload, clients, and conference call schedule this is possible.  Particularly on a Friday, I can block out my morning to go skiing, then catch-up on work in the afternoon/early evening.


The advantage of being in Colorado during the work-week, I can sometimes squeeze in some extra days by getting up early and dealing with all things work related in the Eastern timezone between 7am-10am EST (5am-8am MST) then get out for first chair and ski the remainder of the day.  The only downside like said is after a day out on the snow, the desire for some beers/dinner afterwards makes it hard to do work and not just settle in for a apres, apres-ski slumber for the night.

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I only did that for 1 day a week. That works out great. Not sure I can do it 5 days a week. Never mind 7 days
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I do it a few days a week, but just run out for a couple hours for early morning powder or cord. The problem is being high on endorphins sometimes makes it hard to focus later. I met a bartender last week who does it every single day. He works at High West Distillery in Park City. The trick is not to drink your own product... 

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I used to work the night shift, 11-7, and ski days. I'd go home in the afternoon and sleep until 10, then go to the ski hill after work.
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