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Forum Poster Quiz

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found this on another forum: What kind of forum poster are you?

(WARNING: contains explicit language)

forum poster quiz

Im a "B--tard poster"

Great. and here I am thinking im being nice to everyone....

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Attention whore! The NERVE of them!
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me too LindaA; such is life [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Me too, ryel, lindaA, a bastard poster, ummmm
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This place is full of bastards, and I am one of them!
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you bastards! if there was a Kenny here, you'd have killed him....
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Heavens above..........I'm an Attention WHORE, ye gods !!!!!!!!
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Yikes, rewind, I'm not really a whore, but I can indeed be bought !!!!!!!!!!
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Funny, when I did the quiz, it turned round and said...
Wait for it...
"You must be Wear the Fox Hat"
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So WTFH, you are a posting category all to yourself....hmm.....what conclusions can we take from this I wonder?!

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I believe that next year you'll be able to do a PhD in my posts.
Included will be:
1. The lost art of argument
2. It is possible I'm wrong
3. Humour can diffuse situations
4. The relationship between BAC and quality of post
5. Fox's Philosophy of Life
6. British Television: 1970-2003
7. Looking beyond, not after, number one.
8. Fall, laugh and get up (repeat on a daily basis)

Those of you interested in taking the course should deposit £250,000 in my Swiss bank account, or, alternatively, send a cheque made payable to the College for Adults Skiing Hard. (the initials will do OK)

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I've just heard that the College for Really Advanced People are going to offer your PhD - once again the initials will suffice!

now I'm talking as much rubbish as you do.... (nearly)

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