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Are these boots too big?

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I got my boots fitted at a reputed boot shop. However after break in, I feel my toes are not really touching the front when I am not flexing. When I buckle up my feet can still slide forward about half centimeter.

Can someone give me a second opinion about the length of my boots? I've attached a photo here

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realize there is the ask boot guy forum...

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They are big. One size down would get you to the starting point of 'performance fit', 2 sizes could be done for 'Race fit'.

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Yup, too big. Did this reputable shop fit you in this shell without the liner first? Ask for your money back and find a new shop!
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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post

They are big. One size down would get you to the starting point of 'performance fit', 2 sizes could be done for 'Race fit'.


Big does not always mean too big, especially if you can't see the rest of the foot.


I work at a demo centre that does not sell boots. So I can order boots from the rep but I need to do my own boot fitting by trying on boots at other ski shops prior to ordering.


In my own case, my foot measures 25.5cm and I wear size 26 Tecnica Cochise Pro 130. I have a wide fore foot, very high instep, low arch and average width heel/ankle area. With a thin footbed, my 2nd buckle (over the instep) is in he largest possible position. When the boot was new I initially needed a buckle extender to get the buckle closed. I started with an ultra thin sock, then thin sock, and now ski with a medium thickness sock. The shells where punched.at my small toes after 20 days skiing. I have a great snug fit in the heel/ankle area and the only time that I get any heel lift is when doing an up motion in deep snow. I don't need to unbuckle my boots to ride a lift or when in the lodge.:) All day comfort is important to me.


If I had gone with the size 25 there would have been an excessive amount of grinding to the boot block (not sure if that is the correct name but I am talking about the piece of plastic that the liner sits on). My footbed is too thin to grind more than a mm or so and this would not create anywhere near enough instep room.


If a "shell fit" was the only criteria for fitting a boot would we really need boot fitters?

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^^^ All interesting, but look at the photo again. The base of his heel is 25 mm away from the shell (coin diameter). But higher up, at the superior margin of his calcaneous, it's at least 30 mm. That's where the forces get transmitted, not at the bottom of the heel, and he's 3 sizes too big there for a snug fit, 2 sizes for a recreational fit. 


Incidentally, a "shell fit" is just a way of determining true fit potential without the constantly changing liner messing up the equation. You could have a truly sloppy shell fit, or a WC racing-snug fit, designed to be barefoot, or anything in between. 


OP: Go find another fitter and ask for a shell fit of around 15-18 mm (generous recreational fit). If the rest of the boot is too tight, get it punched. It's the ankle area that really counts. 

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Those look like Salomon xpro boots from the black plastic and power strap

Might be wrong

Those boots run long so maybe the fitter measured you and stuck you in the measured shell size

Either way they are too long for your foot so take them back and get the correct fit I.E less than 15 mm behind the foot
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Is that a quarter? If it is, that's 24mm. A full mondo size goes by a 10mm BSL increment...As Whiteroom said, one size down will be a good place to start. Two size down will be very snug fit. I wouldn't go down more than two sizes.
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As others have pointed out, based on the visual, they look too long to me. I was a retail guy so I don't have all of the answers, but if I was selling you that pair of boots, I would go down one shell size and then hand you off to the boot fitters to get them dialed in. If you want more technical feedback. See: Ask The Boot Guys threads. They really know their stuff in there.

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