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Is this ski too much for me?

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I call myself an intermediate which probably means I'm a low intermediate - I'm comfortable on most blue runs/mild bumps but not fluid and I want to be smoother. I haven't been able to ski for many years now due to various reasons and want to pick up again,


After my first few seasons learning, I'd bought a pair of Head iXRC 1100 skis, 156cm, which I only used a couple of times as I found them a bit too much to handle. The reason I chose them was I was hoping to grow into them and that they would make me improve but I felt that they were just too fast and probably only perform well at moderate-high speeds.


Should I look for something different now? I see there have been many changes since then, skis are fatter, have rockers etc now. Budget isn't a lot so I'm looking at places like https://www.levelninesports.com/ski/packages/ability-level/intermediate/advanced/gender/mens, since I could also use new boots.

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We are going to need a little more info: height and weight at the least if you want any kind of usefully recommendation.

Also the general consensus is that it's worth it to spend extra on boots and go to a boot fitter. If that's not possible I would at least buy them separately and find something that fits your foot.
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Height 5'8

Weight 200lb


I ski in the Tahoe area, I tried to find a boot fitter for a reasonable price and couldn't last time. I do plan on trying boots locally.

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Spend your money on boots.  Rent skis or buy cheap second hand skis.  For second hand skis I recommend you subscribe to Realskiers.com so you can review reviews from years gone by and buy an appropriate ski matching your ability level.  Note the skis shown come in different lengths.  At 200 lbs you should be on the longest or at least 2nd longest length the ski comes in.  As an intermediate, you should not be on an experts only ski.  If you want to learn how to sk, you should at least get a ski that has some camber under foot.


That is all.

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Now that you posted the weight/height, we can say that ski is:
- too short for you
- kinda old (googling it says circa 2006?), probably the edges might not be in a good state, and this can affect your ski technique in hard snow (less grip)
- Too skinny under foot to hand soft snow or bad pistes (slush, end of day garbage). It is a bit difficult to ski in those very skinny skis, nowadays that waist length is reserved for racing skis

If you are having troubles with it, it seems that you would benefit more about:
- Taking some lessons
- Getting a good boot
- Riding a more modern ski

Are you taking ski serious? How many days per year?

It might seem like a lot on the boots, but it will be invaluable for you to progress and get out of the intermediate plateau.

Good luck


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