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2015--A Thank You Note

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Hello EpicSki Community,


As 2015 draws to a close I wanted to thank the many moderators and community members that have gone above any beyond this past year to make EpicSki a great place. Firstly the moderation team deserves a huge thank you. They truly do a thankless job, and this year was far more difficult than any we've experienced in a while. The moderator log for calendar year 2015 (with three days to go) has 41,070 entries in it; as a point of reference the log has just over 44,000 entries for the years of 2011-2014 combined. We were getting nailed with wave after wave of spammers advertising everything from British Kitchens to your Indian and/or Korean soulmate. It wouldn't surprise me if some of our moderators are now fluent in Korean. (I think @TheRusty actually started memorizing insults in Korean). 


I especially want to thank our moderation team for all the work they did during a particularly nasty wave of SPAM back in April-June. It all happened as I was busy getting married and being on my honeymoon in May, so I am especially grateful for all the work that the team did to take care of my work here so I could enjoy that time. I want to thank our longest serving moderator who prefers to fly under the radar and stay out of moderating disputes (so I'm not going to tag him) who stepped in in a big way to help with our SPAM fighting efforts and ended up having the third most log entries of any moderator this year; and speaking of volume of work Rusty did more work in calendar year 2015 than the entire moderation team had to do in 2014, so a very big thank you to him there. 


Even though they're not currently moderating on EpicSki, any yearly wrap up of EpicSki would be incomplete without a big thanks to @Philpug and @Trekchick whom came in at #2 and 6 in terms of number of entries in the mod log. Numbers don't really tell the full extent of their work though; Tricia did way more work than that 6th place number could fool you into believing (and Phil did too). I personally (and I know I can speak for the entire EpicSki team on this) wish them the best of luck with their new project PugSki, as well as their continued participation here on EpicSki. 


In terms of going above and beyond there are two members who do so much more for the community than most people realize. @marznc is fantastic at helping out our newer members and in curating the beginner and family skiing areas in particular. If I listed everything she does here it would double the length of this post (and I'm barely exaggerating). Another member who despite not being a member of our moderation team does a great deal for us is @sibhusky In addition to being the queen of providing users with feedback for their content, she is wonderful at flagging SPAM, double posts, and threads that need moved so that the moderation team gets on them ASAP. 


I also wanted to thank one of our prolific writers, @Jamesj who's articles are perennially among the best content on EpicSki. If you haven't seen his series of Resort Pictorials you definitely should check them out (his most recent one from Breckenridge for example).  We also received three new Unofficial Guides this year, bringing us to over 40 resorts with guides contributed by our members. Thank you @skinorthamerica for your guide to Heavenly, @cdtotten for your guide to Perfect North Slopes, and @liv2 ski for your guide to Mammoth


Also want to give a shout out to all of you who were involved in planning last year's various gatherings in Jackson Hole, New England, Mid-Atlantic, and A-Basin and give an advance thank you for those who are busy at work planning the upcoming 2016 gatherings as well. 


Last, but certainly not least thank you to the community for all your contributions over the last year. Big or small, they all combine to make EpicSki what it is today, and I'm looking forward to see where we go in 2016!


Tyler Wenzel


Site Manager

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Tyler, thanks for hanging in there and keeping the site rolling.

Appreciate it,


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Thank you, Tyler, and congratulations on your marriage! Happy New Year too. 

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Nice job, Tyler on a job well done.

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