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Ski vs board stance and pelvic tilt

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"Extremes" in posture generally cause immobility. Personally, I believe your anterior pelvic tilt on Day 1 will give greater freedom of movement in your lower extremities than the posterior tilt on Day 6. You can see how the pelvis also changes your spinal alignment. I believe the posture changes may have made your more aft by day six. I would keep the general posture of day 1 and add more ankle flex to move fore. Of course that advice is based on my personal style preference, which may, or may not suit your skiing vision.

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Originally Posted by MrGolfAnalogy View Post

"Extremes" in posture generally cause immobility.

Immobility, or another way to say it is contrived movements because you are not balanced. The movement's are there because you are balanced. There is no position, per se. Make sense? Mr. Golf, I believe, is trying to help you be balanced before your skis move an inch from the top of the lift. Find that place first, then ski.
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I'm sorry I even tried to start a discussion. No MA request here. But I'm amused that you'd give feedback without seeing a single turn, tip ripply.


Now back to your regular programming on how bad/good skinny/fat skis are, and how crossovers/crossunders are effective/ineffective.

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Do you spend any time in a gym weightlifting? Learning good posture for full range back squats (Olympic or power) and deadlifts may have positive affect on your pelvic tilt awareness and the best position to allow all of your joints to line up optimally when under load. I saw your post last night, and the second pic looked more like a back squat position - which is good because your joints were lining up more optimally. Reinforcing that with some gym time might do you good.
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I'm sorry to put you on the defensive, that wasn't my intention. Good luck.
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Where did the two pics go you put up as the example, Metaphor?

My advise had nothing to do with your turns. I clearly said "find that place before you ski".

Why did Helluva bring up the "gym"? You ask for advise then rip on me? Keep on keepin' on, it seems to work for you.

This is my last post on this forum...too many egotistical cry babies for me.
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Originally Posted by Tip Ripply View Post

This is my last post on this forum...too many egotistical cry babies for me.



Sayonara, tschüß, adieu, and farewell.  Here's wishing you blissful ice for the rest of your skiing days. :ski

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Sorry tip ripply. It just sometimes seems like when I post a topic of interest for discussion, folks here are more inclined to critique or give "feedback" on my personal skiing. I no longer seek feedback on my personal skiing here - I have an amazing coach who's invested in my development. We don't even have the same posture skiing in CSIA-land as in PSIA-land.


So why would I post then? Well, I'd like to think we can have discussions on ski-nerdy things like biomechanics. Like in this topic, I would have loved to hear a discussion along the lines of "pelvic tilt causes the following x issues". Or what heluva went into: how to restore pelvic tilt to neutral in general. I'm less impressed when someone critiques my own skiing in a thematic discussion and tries to give some "ski tips".  


Anyway, don't disappear just because I'm hypersensitive and vinegary. That'd be unfortunate. 

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Metaphor, thanks for your reply. Seriously, that was cool of you. I apologize for coming across the way I did, but again, that wasn't my intention. The posts by Mr. Golf, myself and Heluva were all about training outside of skiing. Honestly, I barely looked at the pics.

The pelvic tilt issue is a biggie for me. I've compressed vertebreas, dislocated my shoulder severely and land-scrape during the summer. My posture is not good to say the least. I was at the start for a few world cup races this year and had the pleasure of watching some of the best in the world "activate" everything that is need to remain in good posture/stacking/functional tension and balance. The exact things I do when skiing well. Of course the next day I'm shot and wonder why I can't balance. Skiing in balance is tough and not something most mortals can do all day everday, especially when we teach a lot ( easy to be lazy).

So, yes pelvic tilt is very important, but can also be overdone to a point of immobility, or under done to the same effect. I'm on the same page and was truly speaking from experience.

I'll try to be more careful on how my word's come across while typing. Thanks again for your kind words.
Rip it, brother!
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And one more, cuz she looks good in fuchsia

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