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 The body that trains and qualifies British instructors has admitted partial defeat in its long-running dispute with a member and his company. UPDATED 

It faces financial penalties of £500,000 

It may have serious consequences for its future and is potentially one of the most severe crises to affect the British Association of Snowsports Instructors, BASI, in its 53-year history. 

On Thursday October 1st a court case was scheduled in the Court of Sessions in Edinburgh brought by a long-time member, Simon Butler. 

It concerned his expulsion from the organisation in November 2014 at a meeting in London over allegations that he, and his company in Megeve, operated illegally with incorrectly qualified instructors; we reported on it at time. 

His membership has already been re-instated after he went to court over the matter; see here for further details. 

Mr Butler chose to take the matter to court and BASI says he could have persued other internal disciplinary channels. 

At the 11th hour this week BASI admitted it was wrong to expel him in the way it did and has agreed formally to re-instate him and to pay all his legal costs in relation to the matter. 

BASI was accused of dealing with the matter before due legal process in France was concluded and others accused it of having a vendetta against him. 

On a technical matter it was also raised whether the Board of BASI could have such a meeting in London when it is a Scottish-registered company. 

Here at PlanetSKI we understand the legal costs so far run into tens of thousands of pounds. 

This is part of a complex series of disputes between Simon Butler and the French authorities.who refuse to recognize any Ski instruction qualification other than their own.

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