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More toe box wiggle room?

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I've got some new Scarpa Gea's and they are the right size. But I'm getting cold toes which is unusual for me - no cold toes in 6 years with my old same mondo Scarpa Matrix boots.


I figure a good idea is to compare the fit of my old boots... the liner in the new one is a bit more snug like a glove all around the foot, but certainly not at all painful. At the toe box the liner fits like a glove as well and there is less room all around, so I don't really have much wiggle room (less than my old boots) and I'm thinking it's because of that I'm getting cold toes.


I went and got them re-molded with a cap over my toes, but that didn't seem to be successful at giving me significantly more toe box room.


With just my foot in the shell there is loads of vertical height, so I think I just need to focus on packing out the liner itself above/below the toes a bit. How can I get focus in and get more room just there without overdoing it?


I have access to a heat gun.


PS> As an experiment, I'm also going to try one of the old liners in the new shell.


Thanks in advance ! ;-)

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Yesterday I tried one boot with my old liner and one with my new liner - and the one with the new liner did get colder, so I think I just need to work on getting more toe wiggle room.


I was thinking to heat the liner toe with my heat gun, then wrap a baggie of rice around my toes and put that in the liner for 10 minutes.


Is this a good idea? Is there something better than rice I could use? Ha! 

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I don't see anywhere in your original post that you have skied in these new boots. If that is the case then stop worrying about cold toes until you have about 2 days out on the hill working those new liners. They should break in and do just fine---if your feet get cold during those first days go in the lodge, take off your socks and and ski without them, that will give your capillaries more breathing room and your feet will be warmer.

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Yes, Mike, I have skied lots in these boots starting last season, but last year was much warmer... this year when I began skiing in the  lower temperatures I started getting the cold toes. The liners have definitely gone through the intial "break in" period...


As mentioned, my old set of Intuition liners of the same size, packed out from six seasons of use, have a bit more space in the toe box and my toes don't get cold in them, thus my attempt to make that space now rather than waiting for a few season for it to happen from regular use.

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When you pull the boots off do you notice any red spots on the top of your instep or around the 1st or 5th met areas?  Either place can trap nerves and shut down your toes by cutting off nerves or circulation.



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