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01/02 Season Ski releases?

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Hey guys...i was just wondering if anyone had any info on next season's ski releases? or prototypes?

Here's what I have so far:

Pocket Rocket - Fat twin tip
AK Rocket Pilot System - Currently skied on by Chris Davenport

Bandit XXXX - Used by Gordy Peifer(sp?)

Axis X and Axis X pro - followup to the ModX's

That's all i know of...uhm...anyone else have any info?
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as far as i know, the xxxx will not be released to the public. rossi decided that this ski would probably not sell well considering there are not a lot of people out there who need this but don't have it. instead, they will be releasing a new xxx at the end of this season--it will be twin-tipped and 122-90-104: really big. also, dynastar should be coming out with a twin-tipped big, but they were supposed to do that this winter according to nobis, so i don't know. that's all i know.....

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I've seen the new Rossi XXX's, they look really cool. Black and white graphics, which match perfectly with the black and white Rossi Freeride boots and bindings.

I like the changes Rossi made, but the wider footprint will limit some of the all mountain versatility the old XXX's had. The ski also has a little more sidecut, which I like on fatties. I'm excited to try a pair.
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Actually, even though the ski will be a little wider, the bigger sidecut will enhance the skis performance on hardpack and groomed stuff making the ski awesomely more versitile. Similar to the performance of the Volant chubb on groomed but with the zip of phatty in the pow and crud. I'm gonna have to own one.

If it holds snow-It can be skied!
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Yup, I agree with you Lars on the sidecut thing. The reason I am so thrilled with the G41 is because of its largish cut. Doesn't surprise me that Rossi would want to copy the pattern that made the G41 such a success this year. Increased cut makes groomers a ton of fun, and doesn't reduce off-piste performance much.

BUT, when you increase the width underfoot, it makes it a lot slower edge to edge, and forces you to ski with a wider stance. I find most of my problems in bumps on the G41 is not due to the ski's stiffness, but merely the fact that I'm using a wider stance where I should be narrower. The wider these fat skis keep getting, the less ideal they are for an all mountain ride.

Everythings a tradeoff, and like I said above, I really like the changes they made. The twintip is going to appeal to a lot of people as well.
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I'm not going to be riding them backwards anyhow. The twinn tip is a pain in the arse. Ever try to stick them in the carriers on the sides of the resort buses? Won't fit dude. Won't fit in my locker room ski rack either. Got to hang them with the snowboards. Width doesn't bother me. They don't need to be quick edge to edge when you're crankin the big arcs.

If it holds snow-It can be skied!
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When you get your '02 XXX's, try this in your locker. When you stick the ski tails in the holes, stick one tail in, and one tail out. Usually they'll stay. The only problem is that sometimes the ski brakes will pop apart and your skis will fall down. Otherwise, its been working for me. <FONT size="1">

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You run into some problems when you take a ski thats designed for off piste skiing and add significant sidecut. Yes, this will increase hard snow performance significantly, but will likewise make the ski very twitchy and unstable, with it particularly wanting to dramatically turn uphill in soft and especially in soft and steep conditions. Add a little bit of crust and some speed and you've got a bull with some major jock itch. This is one reason why many manufacturers: Stockli, K2, Igneus, Volant, and Blizzard2002 are making their flagship big mountain skis with 12mm of sidecut or less. Of course, some of the Euro manufacturers, have different design theories. Just something to consider.

- Paul
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Yeah, I've read that argument before. I even read Shame McConkey's comments on why he wanted a really small amount of cut (7mm I think) on his McHuckster ski.

However, having skied nearly all the fat skis out this year, I still prefer the G41. It doesn't dramatically swoop uphill, but when you are running them straight, they like to turn a little. Even with the XXX last year, I had to go edge to edge a little even when running them mostly straight. In deep snow, the sidecut does very little, you are mostly using your base to turn anyway. But when you are not in the deep, sidecut makes these skis a lot more versatile and fun to me. Frankly, the area I find I like the sidecut the most is on crud. On the XXX, I found I was either making small turns on the skis base, or making LONG straightish carved turns. On the G41, I can carve medium radius turns through crud, and crank shorter carved turns as well. Long turns simply involve letting the skis run, and slowly working edge to edge.

Anyway, I'm glad there are two schools of thought on fats right now. It gives buyers a choice. The new XXX seems like it is kind of straddling the line between the two groups.
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No AK Rocket Pilot is in the line
Pocket Rocket replaces AK,

Crossmax - new line of carving boards designed for skier-cross application.
Three models all Pilot.

Axis- replaces Mod's, no smart ski (piezo).
3 models - axis pro, axis x, axis

Mach- race/carving boards
Mach G - GS, Mach S -short turn carver, Mach -all around carver/bump board.

Escape- 4 models - all mountain int/adv mid-fats.

T-Nine: womens specific all mountain mid-fat's. 3 models.

AK Launcher -returns, new graphics
AK Enemy - Fat twin tip
Enemy - new graphics

P50 F1- replaces P40 F1
P50 SL - SL race
P50 Platinum - replace p40 plat
3 models of carving boards

G3 - replace G31, 191cm longest length, softer and more forgiving than G31
G4 - replace G41, same ski new graphics

- volkl answer to Pilot. Special Marker binding slides onto energy rails, no drilling needed.
Vertigo Motion - G3
P50 Motion - Race motion GS
Carver Motion - carver motion.

Wmns specific models, 2 Vertigo's, 2 Carvers

V Series
Twin tip puppies
V Explosive - Fat Twin Tip
V Pro - All mtn twin
V - pipe and park jibber
V Straight Line - bump board

That's all I know right now......
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Thanks for the heads up Argus. I had heard K2 was going to bring the Patriot line into the new Mach series. I'm willing to bet the Mach G is basically a renamed and regraphic'ed GT6. You heard if the rest of the Patriots are history or not?

Couple thing suprise me though. Salomon's Crossmax line... why? If these aren't midfats, I'm not sure how sucessful they will be. Western skiers rarely go after carving skis anymore (witness the poor sales of K2's patriot line), and eastern skiers even seem to be buying midfats. To have a whole line of Pilot carving skis seems like an odd idea. Especially considering that the fans of carving skis are all going towards the shorty slaloms now.

Volkl's huge push toward the twin tip market. I sure haven't seen many V's out on the hill this year. I love Volkl, but I'm not sure if the park crowd is ready to accept them just yet. They're still seen as that expensive Euro brand with odd graphics. Anyway, I hope it works out for them, but I'm a little apprehensive. I expect low production runs for each of those V skis.

The new G3 is just what I expected. The trend toward forgiveness is industry wide, I just hope it doesn't sacrifice the 31's performance to get there. Most G31 riders (including me), are skiing on lengths that are a touch too long for them. A max length of 192 isn't much of a worry except for huge guys.
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Skied with the Rossi, Blizzard, and Elan reps yesterday. Tried a few of next years skis. Found out from the Rossi guy, that the T Power Viper is gone. The T Power Viper is going to be this years Cobra. Same colors as this years Viper with yellow sidewalls. Cobra is gone completely.

Tried the Blizzard SLR, liked it but didn't think it compared to the Viper. 9s is unchanged. XXX is as stated in previous post.

If it holds snow-It can be skied!
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Man, its like Rossi and K2 are TRYING to confuse their buyers. What is up with all the name changes lately?

First Rossi creates the Viper. Then they change that to the Cobra. Then they make a new Viper. Then that is changed to Cobra.

K2 has one of their biggest successes in recent years with the MOD X & Pro. Then they go and change the name and graphics 6 months after release (I'm not counting the limited run of X last season). Ah well, at least all these name changes keep shop guys in business, need someone to inform and update the confused public
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Hoping to be trying out the '02 XXX in about 2 weeks in Whistler. I love the current XXX so I'm excited about the new shape and alleged changes to the ski. Will let you know about first impressions when it arrives then naturally how it skis.

"Wha the ruck is uh chinese Downhill?!" -Hotdog the Movie
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I totally agree with you. What's up with this? Rossi had everyone confused at the beginning of the year, people didn't know what to think. Now this. Know what I think? I've skied all three T Power Cobra and Viper and the 9S and couldn't tell alot of difference from any of them. I think the Cobra and Viper are the same ski and they added the booger pickers to the 9S. Marketing ploy. Either way though, it is one hell of a ski. If you haven't tried one, you should.

If it holds snow-It can be skied!
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Check out PeterKeelty's reviews of some of the introductions at:

Submitted for your approval...
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