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Old goat, let me see what I can do.


It is my experience that lift lines are almost never managed the same from area to area and, sometimes, from lift to lift. Even from one day or to the next with staff changes. One morning you have just one 16 year old non-assertive line staff running things, too giddy to complete a sentence, too shy to look a stranger in the eye and only concerned about the last text she got from her boyfriend. That afternoon you may get Jimmy the snowboarder playing with the roach in his pocket and wondering why he is stuck there and not with his buddies shredding whatever they shred. One day you may even get the mis-toothed heavily bearded local wearing the same motor-greasy carhartt overalls that he has worn all season looking for inconspicuous places to spit his chew in the pristine white snow and wondering if he left the stove on in his trailer. Occasionally, we get the alternative lifestyle, cropped hair, control freak who walks right up to you pointing directly to where she wants your ski tips to be and diligently barks out to the next to go. Sometimes you will get the old timer you have seen there working in some capacity since you started skiing at 3 who knows everybody and is known by everybody. Now, if he would just remember correctly which group goes next ... There are quite a few more types put you get the picture.

Funny stuff...I have to get use to your Funny even though some (who have to be politically correct) may say its bias stereotyping. But none the less funny imo unless one is thin skinned, but  I cant say that you have not sarcastically hit some nails on the head with these humorous generalities. I mean there are plenty of  good liftees out there but part of my thoughts are based on flaws and whether or not one agrees with my postings or not the flaws I speak of can often enough come from an incompetent liftee. Anyway...had me laughing. Your intent or not I'm not sure but none the less the way you put it all....has me laughing.