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Junior (non-race) boots - ever an option for an adult?

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Hello Boot Guys!

I'm about to start on leg 4 of my boot saga and wanted to run something by you. I totally understand that you can't see my feet, this is more a general question to inform what my next step should be in identifying the right boots for what I'm told is a supremely difficult foot to fit!

My stats are: ~5'0, 110 lbs, turning 28. I grew up skiing seasonal rentals and never had a problem with the beat-up boots from shops.

Long story short, I have yet to find the right pair as an adult. The least-bad option that I use now seem to work best because they're pretty short and hit under my calf. So I'm wondering if I should just go back to junior boots that hit pretty low on the leg, since I never had issues with these before? Are there significant reasons not to buy junior boots if you're smaller than many children? smile.gif if so, are some models better than others, like in terms of durability?

I can provide greater insight into what my issues have been thus far if it helps, but the TL;DR is above.

- Foot, based on feedback from multiple fitters east and west: 22.5 and 21.5, wide, with high arches and a high instep. ("You've got a lot of foot packed into a small package!"). Very little ankle mobility, although I'm doing exercises to help with that eventually!
- I walk super duckfooted and prefer a more upright stance when neutral but enough flex in the boot to lean forward while skiing.
- circulation issues - lose feeling in toes, balls of feet pretty easily.
- I have custom footbeds and wear the thinnest socks.

- least bad option has been Salomon Divine GT that have been blown out a ton. However my heel lifts at times, causing quad burn, and outer toes still go numb even when unbuckling on the lifts.
- also tried Fischer junior race boots, which made my whole foot go numb and no change with repeated softenings. Next was a pair of Tecnicas that ended up too big, lots of heel lift, and came way too far up my leg.
- latest advice from a fitter has been Full Tilt Mary Jane to help with circulation issues, and it was supposedly a "true" 22.5, but I've since discovered that's not really the case (toe cap in a 23.5 shell, not sure if that matters). I had to order these from a previous season because FT doesn't seem to be making 22.5s anymore. I'm supposed to go take them to get fitted and molded, but having tried them on I have a feeling they come up too far and the shop won't be able to make enough room for my calf, resulting in space behind the heel.
- I'm not willing to get custom boots yet because I hope to have kids at some point and my understanding is that feet can change a lot from pregnancy. So I figure I should wait to spend 1000$ bucks until my feet aren't likely to change in the next couple of years.

Since I've spent a lot of time and money on this process of elimination, I keep coming back to the idea that this was never an issue when I was in junior rental boots. (That said, my skiing has improved a LOT in the last 6 years - I'm much more "hard-charging" now and require skis that are stable at speed). Am I crazy to feel this way?

If not, I sure hope there's a solution for me beyond - shudder - going over to the dark side with my boyfriend the snowboarder! wink.gif

Any insight you can provide is appreciated. Thanks for reading this far! Happy holidays to you and yours.
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yes,   some stiffer Jr boots will work, just make sure its a adult DIN toe an heel, so you can fit into an adult binding/skis.   Also Jr liners usually are not as warm/nice as the adult version (hecnce the lower price point on them) and just make sure the flex is enough for you (not too soft)



Sounds like the calf is the main issue?   why not get the boots rear cuff lowered or flaired back/out some more?     If the calf is the stopping point, of your foot dropping all the way into a boot, by changing that it might help with the heel lift etc.

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Interesting, and thanks for taking the time to respond. I would have thought cutting down the cuff would somehow damage the integrity of the boot, sounds like that's not the case and I may have options :)

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