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Hi, I am  looking for a second pair of skis for the Rockies.  I live in Phoenix in the winter and ski Deer Valley, Snowbird, Telluride, and Durango normally.  Usually 12-15 days a year but hoping for more in the future.


I am 45 years old, 5; 11", 200 lbs.  Decent skier but no expert.  Ski mostly bumps and trees.  Groomers with the family.  Right now i have Prophet 98s 179cm.


I just got back from Durango - spent two days in some good powder.  Took me a bit but figured out how to ski the Prophets in the deep stuff.  But really wished a had a pair of powder skis - something to give some float.  I tried to rent some but the shops don't really offer anything more powder orientated than Soul7s.


I did pry loose some Rocker2 122s in 184cm for a couple of hours.  Rental guy said they weren't in their book - usually just employees borrowing them..   the powder was pretty chopped up by then.  The skis felt strange to me - like i was way too far forward on them.  I had to get way back on them to get the tips to come up.  on steep and deep i felt like i had to jump and slam the tails around.  That being said, it was great to have all that ski under me in the powder.


So i guess what i am looking for a is an easy to ski powder ski.  I don't want to run into great powder days and not be able to take advantage of them.  It seems hard to rent powder skis for the most part.  I don't think i will get to use them a ton so i am hoping to get something for a reasonable price.  So I am hoping for suggestions!!  i am a serious troll on this site and have read up a ton.  but i have a hard time knowing if a ski is great for an expert or will work for me.


Thank you in advance.  Merry Christmas, everyone!