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Internet Christmas ski shopping experience

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Just completed a Christmas effort shopping for skis and then bindings.  Must say I saved a whole lot of money versus list prices.  We skiing in this era are at considerable advantage versus decades ago with the ski buying process.  Of course all the information and reviews online today is so much better than what we had in the past that was pretty much info and reviews in popular skiing magazines, shop advice, or word of mouth.

This was for one of the most popular current skis that pretty much sold out at many shops and priced with only minor discounts.  Scott The Ski 2015 model retailed for $700 while this year due to popularity 2016 list has jacked to $826.  There are numbers of these used skis available for $400 to $500 with rental demo bindings while the few new skis not yet sold are pricy.  But after a week of monitoring eBay a set of these new unmounted skis was posted by a smaller shop for $429 with no tax and $30 shipping and I bought it within a day.  I think they priced it lower because the short 155 length is least popular.

For bindings I searched for a few models at a long list of web search hits then surprisingly found the Look NX11 in 93mm brake width that retails for $200 for just $97, no tax, and free shipping.  The same model is on Amazon and a few shops for $130 so another big savings.  Sometime in early January after arriving, there will be an additional cost having them mounted at a local shop.  

The Ski 155 cm is the shortest length of that Scott model with a 124 88 114 footprint and is the one with a yellow color.  I'm 66" 140# a very quick turner usually skiing bumps or groomed with 168 cm 2011 Dynastar Twisters with a traditional 96 64 82 footprint.  And for deep light fresh ski 173 cm Rossignol S7's with a 137 110 117 footprint.   But S7's have too much floatation for my preferred slower turny style in more common powder conditions so needed something in the mid fat range to get me further down below the snow surface. The S7's had replaced Chubbs several years ago that I skied deep powder conditions long years. The Ski is also touted as a smooth cheater mid fat bump ski so expect that will also provide another dimension for my mogul skiing in some snow conditions as well as open up all mountain conditions that tend to rattle the Twisters around too much.  However I can't imagine it replacing the Twisters for most bump conditions.

I'd like to thank Phil Pug for The Ski 2014 review he placed on the board a couple years ago that provided useful insight in my choosing The Ski model.  Note I also skied Powderkarves for about a decade which he also was a big fan of.


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i don't know any ski shop that sells at list.

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