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Review: Volkl Kendo 2014/2015

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Note1: These are the only skis I have skied since 1995, so pinch of salt required.

Note2: I doubt anyone cares about last season's ski, but I am reviewing it anyway. Please ignore if you don't care smile.gif

Why did I buy it? Cheap, and great reviews. The ski shop guy said "my girlfriend's dad has this ski and he is pretty old like you". 😂

Overall, this ski is incredible. I have thrown everything I could find at it, and every time it has returned my effort with interest.

Groomers (most of my time) are great fun. I am mostly a skiddy turner, and the ski responds in a way that makes me feel like there is a direct connection with my brain. The faster and steeper the slope, the better. Although going slowly in my intermediate wife's tracks is leisurely and fun, the ski shines best when I am trying to crush it (and usually failing). When I carve, I usually am doing big turns, and again the Kendo responds. It's so stable at high speed and feels fast edge to edge.

Powder is fine too, but not real powder, I am mostly doing trees and off the side of the slopes. The ski floats enough.

Crud is great too - I can almost ignore it completely and ski as I would on perfect snow.

Lastly, bumps are fun. I've been told the ski is too stiff to be great in bumps, but again it seems great to me. I can take any line and always feel stable.

So overall: wow, what a ski. As I noted, it's the only ski I have skied - can it get better than this? I must be dreaming.

Peace to all, and stay safe this season!

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It is a great ski. What size are you skiing?

Thanks for the review.
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Sorry for not including basic numbers.

163cm is the ski

I am 5'6, 165lb, intermediate
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I've been on this ski since it was introduced, still love it. I bought a new pair early last season. Great ski.


That first one is now my rock ski, skied it 5 days so far this season here in the east.

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You're the exact same size as me. I'm also an old fart too. The 163 was my favorite size, It was close though. If I was younger or skied out west I'd have chose the 170 for the top end stability.

Have a great season as well.
Happy holidays to everyone.
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I bought the 177cm near the end of last season.  It feels almost like a wide GS ski.  Lots of fun on the groomers and goes through crude and everything else we get here in New England incredibly well.  I was skiing much wider skis for the longest time, but found this width and style ski the perfect compromise for where I ski.  It just doesn't matter what you are about to ski over or through, the Kendo will handle it just fine.  I enjoyed it in bumps as well, but admittedly I am not a zipperline bump skier.  Don't end up in the back seat though or you are gone.   

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