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Hi All,
Does anyone know if Kastle LX skis (2013 in this case) are known to have exceptionally hard bases and are therefore difficult on which to impart a clear-patterned base structure? I brought my Kastle to a good shop for a base grind (Wintersteiger machine) and asked for a cross-hatch pattern in the structure. When I picked them up, I was surprised that the pattern was barely noticeable. The tuner ran the skis through a couple more times, but the bases were the same. I'm used to seeing a clearly visible patterned structure after a base grind on my other skis (Blizzard, Head) so maybe the Kastles have a much harder base and the structure is finer and less perceptible. Or maybe a different machine such as a Montana provides a better pattern? Any ideas? Or should I not worry about it? Thank you for any help you can provide.