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The future of Iraq...

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I was at a meeting of the Vegetables, Agricultural Growers & Independent Nutritionalists Associtation on Saturday.
It's a limited members club - they won't just let anyone in, and are only open to members 3 weeks a month...

Anyway, while I was there, there was a big debate going on about the planned farming of Iraq after the war.
The Americans were arguing that the land should be used exclusively for carrots.
The British said it should be for turnips.
The EU wanted to plant potatoes
The UN suggested a mixture of the three, and maybe some tomatoes and parsnips too.

Then the Irish representative, John O'Lennon, made his speech.
He said that
Everybody's talking about carrots like parrots,
Turnips and parsnips,
Potatoes, tomatoes,
Well, all we are saying is give peas a chance
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