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Kastle fx95 advice

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I am getting ready to order a set of kastle fx95's. My last choice is the non metal or the metal hp version. Need some advice.
About me.....I am 6'1" advanc e intermediate. Like steeps and carving but pushing more and more off piste. Occasionally aggressive skier, but still tend to get lazy at times and I don't typically like punishing stiff skis. Also working on getting better at bumps, but have other kastles for that.
I am worried bout the hp version being too stiff or really having to drive hard all the time. I like to have fun and let it rip, but don't like to have to drive hard all the time to get the ski to respond.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Not too many reviews out there on the non metal versions.
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I am 5'8, 140 pounds, fairly aggressive skier.
I skied the non metal and metal version at Loveland demo days this year, one right after the other and preferred the metal version. It did not feel too stiff. It felt like it did not get bounced around in the crud as much as the non metal. Good luck. Both are great skis.
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Thanks! That is what I was hoping to hear. I tend to be in crud much more than bumps so great news on stiffness.
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I demoed both, and ended up buying the 95HP. I have skiied around 40 days on them now. The reason I chose the HP was because of its better "crud busting" ability. Chopped up powder, heavy cement snow, spring slush, they just eat it alive and power through it, moreso than the straight 95's. Where I ski I get a lot of that type of snow, so that was more important to me than how they ski in deep bottomless powder.


They ski very short for a Kastle ski, much shorter than the prior seasons 94's, so you might want to consider demoing a length longer than you were thinking

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Thanks for the feedback. I spent a while talking to Scott at Heck of a nice guy. After talking about how I ski, my tendencies, and what I am looking to use this ski for, he recommended the non metal FX95.
He had nth in stock and hooked me up with a heck of a deal! I definitely recommend talking to Scott for anyone debating the same thing.biggrin.gif
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Your level in the OP would indicate non-metal. Bet you'll like it

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Cy345:  did you get the 181 length ?

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Yes. Should have them next week!
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Congrats! Scott is a great resource for sure! Report back after a few days on them and let us know your thoughts I know a few folks in the same conundrum
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I'm 175, 6', almost same as you, and skied the non HP 181cm version in some very soft conditions and a bit in man made. I was surprised, it is forgiveful for the lazy but it was not a problem when it met with full powder or soft moguls. I was so in awe that I decided to take it to a low altitude area with man made junk just to see if I could throw it off balance but it still was docile and nice.

I'm very surprised how well it worked, especially because I thought 181cm would be too short, but turned out it was perfect.

I always dreaded the expression one ski quiver, but if there's something close to that this ski must be it.

And I haven't skied the HP or another length, store didn't have them


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