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I LOVE the french ;)

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A rabbit and a snake were both born blind and orphaned in a forest fire and lived in ignorance in the forest together for many years. One day the Rabbit tripped over the snake in the forest and said, "I am quite sorry, You see I am blind and since I have been blind since birth and was orphaned shortly there after, I dont even know what I am." The snake replied, "That's quite alright, my condition is absolutely the same. How about I slither all over you and feel what you are and then at least you'll have that going for you." The rabbit accepted the snake's offer and as the snake squirmed over the rabbit feeling it from tail to whiskers it reported, "You have soft fur, a cottony tail, strong rear legs, tall ears, and a whisker covered nose. You must be a rabbit!" The rabbit replied ecstatically with his thanx and offered the same for the snake and began feeling the snake with its soft paws. The rabbit concluded its exam and stated, "You are slick and slippery, speak with a forked tongue, lack a stiff spine and have no balls of any kind. You must be french."

To any french anti-war types out there, I hope the earthquake of 50,000 American and British soldiers buried on french soil after dying to defend your land in WWI and WWII turning over in their graves all at once flattens the nation their deaths liberated in those conflicts.


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Hahaha. It's funny because it's true.
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