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Slopes iPhone app

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If you have an iPhone, I check out the Slopes app to track your ski day. I've used Snocru but like Slopes a lot better. It's free as well. There's a fee for upgraded services but I'm not completely sure what that gets you. FYI, I have no connection to the app or developer. I'm just a satisfied user. I don't think it's available for Android devices.

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I asked the app develop what the subscription fee gets you. Below is his reply. Hope this helps. I think I'm going to be a subscriber I like it so much.


"I give everyone access to the runs and lifts screens for the first day of their season (plenty of people only go once a year so that way they still get something out of it). After that, the main map screen is only for subscribers. You'll still get the summary screen with your high level stats.

In addition to that, as you noticed subscribers get the better maps and the 3d view. You also get live stat breakdowns run-by-run on the mountain. In 2.1 I'm including automatic lift naming ("Bear Mountain Quad") for subscribers (it'll take a bit to support all resorts, though). 

Hope that clears things up. Thanks for giving Slopes a try, glad you're liking it."

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I use Ski Tracks to track my vertical, runs, distance, etc. Have you used that at all and how does it compare?


Since I ski Breck most of the time and I'm familiar with it, I don't really need a map.

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I haven't used Ski Tracks. At 99 cents Ski Tracks is much less expensive. Looks like based on the Ski Tracks app description they both provider very similar information and data but in different formats. I may give Ski Tracks a try. Not a lot to lose at 99 cents.


I don't use any app to navigate the mountain. I get a trail map for the mountains I don't know very well.

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Have you tried Trace Snow for iOS?


It logs various stats, speed, vertical, jumps, and maps your runs (and the lifts used to access the run) on a google map type satellite image. It also adds a social networking aspect. You can follow friends and vice versa. Fairly sure it was free.

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