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Most 420 Friendly ski area/resort in BC Interior?

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The title says it all, looking for information on which is the most 420 friendly resort or ski area in the BC interior. Possible contenders are: Sun Peaks, Big White, SilverStar or maybe even whitewater or Red, although the last two are less likely for various reasons. 


I'm licensed by the Canadian federal government to grow and possess for medical reasons. We're allowed to smoke cannabis anywhere a person is allowed to smoke tobacco. I feel zero shame about smoking Cannabis and won't skulk around backdoors or alley ways to consume. So hoping to find a place where I won't start a shit-storm by consuming my medicine. As I consume for medical reasons I will be smoking/vaping in the vicinity of the hotel and discretely on the mountain. 


Im an intermediate skier (last year was my first season in Ontario, 6-7 days on the hill so far), and my hubby is an advanced flat-land skier. We have been contemplating a couple of the intermediate paradise type of resorts (to cater to my skill level, with hopefully some fun for hubby as well), such as Sun Peaks, Big White, SilverStar etc. 

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Umm... probably all of em? Just go cruise into the trees on any of the mountains.  I wouldn't call any of them 420 unfriendly, but I guess it really depends on if security walks by at the hotel or an rcmp skis next to you on the mountain.  People light up on lifts though that'd not recommended, as long as your semi discrete I very much doubt you'd run into any problem on any of the mountains...  but in terms of most friendly... I'd probably say Whitewater given it's proximity to Nelson and that they have two runs named after smoking pot... only thing is there are no hotels at Whitewater. 

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The family friendly reputation of Sun Peaks and Big White has me concerned about public consumption. As I posses my legal documents I am not especially concerned about the law getting after me. Im mostly concerned about ruining my vacation with scene being created by 420 unfriendly resort and hotel/condo management. 

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Expect all resorts and public areas to treat your second hand smoke the same as tobacco. 

Last I checked in all of B.C. it is at least an automatic 250 cleaning charge added to your bill if you smoke in your room and you need to be 10m away from public doorways. Avoid lifts and lines


 No resort management or any one else will care as long as you follow common courtesy.

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Given your stated skill level, you will want to avoid Red, and possibly Whitewater.


Big White has a ton of intermediate terrain, but can be foggy mid winter.  Sun Peaks has a bit less snowfall than Big White and is equally suitable for intermediates.


I am not familiar with Silver Star and Panorama.

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I though BC stood for Bud Condoning?
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Better Cannabis 

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BC = Bring Cash and if you're smart you'll Bring Cannabis, as BC bud is very overrated. 


I did some more research and looks like the trip will be to Sun Peaks. One of the biggest consumers I know apparently vacations with his family at Sun Peaks.  


And mainly because it was easier and cheaper to find a condo for a week with a balcony. 


We will be around the last week of January, and happy to burn and turn with like-minds.


Next trip we will do a safari out of Kelowna or Calgary. Or fly to Denver or Bend and bite the bullet and buy weed.

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Originally Posted by GreenTomato View Post

BC = Bring Cash and if you're smart you'll Bring Cannabis, as BC bud is very overrated. 




Says the guy who's concerned about smoking at a ski hill.  



There are multiple head shops, dispensaries and grow shops enroute from the kelowna airport to big white.  



Poor form to smoke in the lift line, and hot boxing the gondola isn't a good idea. Make sure to crack a window.   

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I grow competition-winning cannabis and feel qualified to judge Canadian weed. No need for any headshops or dispensary, I always prefer to smoke my own, commercial weed cannot touch my headstach.


No worry about boxing or smoking in my room etc. I understand the rules of common courtesy.  


Super hyped to have a relaxing vacation without any drama. 

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What do you grow? Personally I prefer a sativa flower, but concentrates are all the rage these days. 


Cannabis cup?

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I personally like and find, Indica and indica based-hybrids most medically useful. I used to like sativa and sativa based-hybrids by have found them to cause me anxiety as I get older. Ive got a lot strains going right now. Have a R&D program too, pop seeds and make hybrids. Concentrates are on the go of course. Dabbing is the current community obsession, and it can be useful for severe pain. All time favourites are Purple Kush, Rockstar, Chemo, Pre-98 Bubba, the real SFV OG, Lavender, and Mass Super Skunk. 

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