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Binding mount position

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Questing on mounting the bindings

Mounting new bindings on the ski(160cm, 76, underfoot) for my wife. She is 5'2" and 115lbs, type II skier and progressing.


Ski is the Elan Waveflex and binding is Tyrolia Freeflex pro 11

Wondering if I should mount them at mfg center or 1-2cm forward?

Thanks, Dwight

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Are those bindings on a rail?  How adjustable are they once the rail is attached to the ski?  I think the screw under the boot mid-sole lets the toe adjust, and there's an easy adjustment on the heel...I have some very similar, but I'm not sure they're exactly the same.


I'd set them at the center, and if they're easily adjustable on the rail, have her try both center and forward.

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