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Lange RS130

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2012 RS130 in 28.5, 326bsl with WC Booster Strap

Used about 25 days

$75 plus shipping
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Just want to say these are great boots. Put zipfits in mine and omg. I should mention that the stock liners are fantasic but my fat feet pressed up against a seam in the liner therefore the zipfits.
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I'm thinking of zipfits for my rs130s.  Which model did you choose?

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Bought them on Craigslist so I had no choice but I got the world cup model. When I first step in I can barely get the first notch on my buckles. By the end of the day Im at 2nd and 3rd notches. Theyre warm and I have no painful points. The Gara have less volume. Im 6ft2in 210lbs and my legs are pretty average in diameter. With the original liners I can start at 3rd notches and end up near the limit of the buckles. Really enjoy these boots. The strap at the top is awesome for getting a great fit.The best deal on zipfits is from the U.K. Many retailers offering them for 185 euro. About 200usd.
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