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Christmas day--Ski day or home day?

Poll Results: Do You Ski On Christmas Day

  • 29% (8)
    Yes all day
  • 22% (6)
    Yes part of the day
  • 3% (1)
  • 44% (12)
    Never/Almost Never
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I always grew up skiing on Christmas day, usually in Northern NH (Bretton Woods, Cannon, and Loon mainly). It was great, the mornings were usually pretty empty. I think the only downside to skiing Christmas Eve and Christmas day in NH was that the only place to eat after the fact was a Chinese restaurant that once served me fried chicken with some feathers still on it (at least I know it was chicken). What do the rest of you do? Ski or stay at home (or something else)?

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This year it is a fly to Salt Lake City day!!!


My friend's father used to take us to Hunter in the Catskills, about a 2 &1/2 hour drive, on Christmas eve day.  He wanted to get out of the house as he was Jewish and his Catholic wife was a bit Christmas crazy and the last minute prep was kind of intense and quite tense.  Huntah, which can be crowded and a bit rude was always empty and friendly that day.  Fond memories.

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My parents didn't ski, so never went growing up. Usually did day trips with my friends during holiday week break, though.

Since moving out here, I have gone on and off on Xmas or Xmas eve. Guess I got spoiled by a Christmas storm or two because really only like to go in prime conditions. Otherwise, I take the day off to relax, have good food and drink, and maybe play with new toys biggrin.gif

This year, I have a one- year-old son, so will spend the day with the family. A little too young to take to the resort, but if it keeps snowing like it's supposed to, will probably play outside with him. He loves the snow!
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We almost always go on New Year's Day. In fact, that was my first day with my son and daughter on skis back in 2009 (I'm a late bloomer). The hills are empty until the afternoon and never really get crowded if you stay away from the green and lower blue runs. Our problem this year in the Poconos may be lack of snow and cold weather to blow it. This happened a few years ago and we drove down to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware for the day!
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My family didn't ski, but my husband and I have the tradition of skiing Christmas day. This year since our son is too little to ski and I don't want to make a big thing of it, we're going to ski for the morning a few hours each and then do presents afterward. We have made our traditional Christmas dinner crockpot chili. 

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When I was in College, my family spent every Christmas out in Colorado.  We would spend a week, usually flying out around 12/19 and returning on 12/27 to avoid the peak post-Christmas crowds.    Christmas Eve and Christmas day were the best days to ski with light/non-existant crowds.

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If we're home (the last few years we've visited our daughter/grandkids) I usually go for a few hours. Given our weather, probably not going to happen this year-bike ride instead.

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Always! It's one day that's always free, certainly no races, so even without some planning it's always sure we both have time, so it's time for me and my wife to spend on skis. Holidays are time to do what I love to do, not what someone else wants me to do. And I rather meet Santa on ski tracks, then wait for him at home, where I'm sure he will miss me :D

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I used to ski on Christmas all the time. When I worked full time at the mountain, I would purposely volunteer to work Christmas day, because it gave me two extra comp passes. After that, I continued to ski Christmas day because it was an empty day and a good day to get turns in. Now with a wife and one year old, no skiing on Christmas. Maybe when the little guy is a few years older, but not now. 

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Never have skied on Christmas day.  My family is all around the region and I usually have more events to attend on the 24th and 25th than I can fit into my schedule.

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I don't think I've ever skied on Christmas Day, although this year we will be leaving right after Christmas Dinner and making the drive from MN to Winter Park! Can't wait and the snow just keeps piling up - it's going to be a great trip!

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I think in the past I may have been out there on Chrstmas Day..but my family is too important to me these days.  There may come a time again when it might be ok if it's a family affair.  But family comes first.

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Never skied on Christmas Day but back when I was single, I would leave home late Christmas night and drive up north to my season rental so I could get out early on the 26th.  I did that for many seasons, my family knew not to look for me after 10:00 PM Christmas night.

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I am not skiing today. Tomorrow tho...

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Fantastic day of XMAS skiing, best holiday ski day period.
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Not having a large family, Christmas was a lonely time when I was young. Although I often got invited to friends house, it was THEIR family, not mine.

But I didn't ski Christmas nor New Year because I thought it would be crazy busy.

Once I realized it was a day of empty slopes (and often discount tickets), I now ski Christmas day without fail ( snow permitting, that is)

Alta today was GRRRREAT!
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I love skiing Christmas Day. Hardly anybody up there.

​This year, I opted to say home. I have a 5 year old and almost 1 year old and thought they'd enjoy having me at home, plus we had a big mess from the night before to clean up from all of the presents and fancy meal.

Glad I did it. It was a great Christmas Day.

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Lifts are mostly closed here on Christmas day. Lifties and patrollers have families too, sometime.

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