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Volkl rtm 81, all mountain enough?

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Me: intermediate, 160lbs, 5'6

This ski keeps coming up and maybe on my demo list.

Is it wide/designed enough for light powder? Is it playful enough for frequent moguls? Can I ski them unbearably slowly? Will they grow with me? Are they much changed from 2015? there are great deals online.
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Check out the below link from last season. I opened that thread following a demo day, and, thought the 81 was the best ski I tried that day at my small home mountain in Pa. where short skis and hard snow rule.




Volkl has changed both the 81 and 84 for 2016 to put more camber into the ski. The initial reviews indicate the newer model is superior. I would think that any on-line deals are for the '15 mode. My first thought is they are too much ski for an intermediate, especially if you are skiing slowly. They are serious carvers, somewhat heavy. At your weight, you would need a short length. Yes, they will handle light snow, but, so will almost any ski. In mogules, it's a lot more about the skier than the ski, but, they would not be my first choice if I skied a lot of bumps.


Try them if you can find a demo, but, I would advise finding a softer flexing ski to develop skills.

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Just my opinion:

Not a powder ski, but good in heavier snow.

Playful once up to speed.

You can ski them slowly, but they will feel like you are using a socket and hammer wrench to remove a watch screw.

You and the ski will grow together the more you ski them; you will not outgrow them.

Changed from last year is now  cambered under foot with tip and tail rocker, instead of full (but mild) rocker it had last year.

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The RTM 81 is a great front-side carver. It's quick, smooth and stable with great edge-hold on ice. I also find it quick in the bumps and excellent in crud, but it is not a powder ski. It does well in a few inches of powder, but not for the deep stuff. It's a beefy ski and it skis long, so at your size, get the 163 or 170cm ski depending on your ability. This is an advanced to expert ski and not for everyone, but if you can ski, this ski rails!
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Head Rebels i. SL RD and Fischer RC4 WC SC are great front side carvers.   Völk RTM 81....not so much.  Just say'n.

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Thanks for the advice everyone. "Too stiff", "if you can ski..", "advanced to expert". All sounds not the ski for me. I'll probably try it though.
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