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Silver Mt. 2015 - 2016

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Got my first day in yesterday, conditions are looking way better than last year.  I was surprised to find out that they are now closing a half hour earlier, chair 2 closes at 3:15...huh?   Of course there was no off season grooming, abundant small trees and brush.  Lets hope for lots of early snow to cover all that stuff up. 

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Can you give me a little more info on the conditions please. Purg opened Lift 8 yesterday and the untracked was a lot of trapdoor snow. How was the bottom half of the mountain?
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 Lower chair 4 is not open and I did not ski below the lodge.  All chair 3 runs are still closed, but the chair is running.  Only 4 blue runs were groomed.  Typical early season conditions at Silver.

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Heres another viewpoint. 


Silver is better right now (Monday 12/21) than anytime last year.  With the exception of a little Slalom brush stickups chair 3 is very good, great powder lst thing this am.  Moonshine and Dogleg skied really well with about 8-10 in of powder.  Yes there is a little GS turning to be done around a few stickups but they both skied terrific down to the trail to 4. Lower Moonshine was actually great down to Chair 3.  Wardner high traverse opened around noon, I didn't know and didn't ski, but Spokane Mike said it was very good cover and skied good. 


South of the border was excellent thru the trees off the top of sunrise,  traverse out was good. Talked to ski patrol and they said another foot and the bottom of 4 will open.  


All things considered had a really good day in the powder. Skied untracked powder at noon.


Some kind of new people in Restaurant and Bar upstairs, Beer is good, food was bad and unbelievably slow.  Took my lunch today and just had a beer. 

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yahoo, sounds like conditions are getting better with each day. can't wait to get back up there after new years.

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Heading up to Silver tomorrow, hoping there is good snow all the way to the bottom of chair four.  Temperature is right on the bubble, web cam shows some snow in the trees but it looks pretty wet.  If anyone went today, let me know what it was like.

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