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Salomon X-Max 100 Cold Toes

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I have a pair of Salomon X-Max 100 I got last year fitted by Stephen in Jackson Hole. They fit like a dream, but my toes get cold in them. It's mainly just my 3 biggest toes on each foot. Today I was out for 2 hours in temps in the high 20s and my toes were numb when I called it quits. I couldn't find any complaints online from others, so it doesn't seem to be a common problem with these boots. I'm starting to wonder if the toe box is causing blood flow to slow. Like I said, I love the fit of the boots, so I'm not fond of the idea of changing it, unless that's what has to happen. The boots only have 5 days on them and haven't begun to pack yet if that matters. When wearing the boots, there is no pain, hot spots, or anything like that, just nice and tight. Does anybody have any home remedies to fix my issues? If need be, I will get back to a fitter for adjustments. I should also add that I have always had mildly cold toes in all ski boots, but not this bad.

(I put this in the gear forum so anybody can respond, but it can be moved if it should be in the boot fitter forum)
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I have X-Max 120's.


They are low volume and it's easy to over tighten the second buckle (across instep), which we know could affect circulation.


Ott, I've been doing ok with mine using chemical pack toe warmers when needed.

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One of the most common mistakes I see people make when they are trying on boots is over-tightening the first buckle(closest to toes).  That buckle only needs to be tight enough to keep it from flapping, nothing more.

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I have a pair of Solomon X-max 100 boots.  The placement of the buckles seems to coincide with a vein or artery that runs close to the surface of my foot.  I think I may have had to move it around a bit way back when I first got them, and maybe had some liner work done too.  


Definitely keep the bottom two buckles only tight enough to keep them closed.  


Try skiing without socks; if they are warmer without socks, then you KNOW somethings too tight somewhere.

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I have the X Max 120. My feet are always cold; not just when skiing. I don't have Renauds or anything. Just always have cold hands and feet.

For "Me" it seems the issue is these boots are on the warm side and me feet sweat. I don't wear socks, just a sock liners (no room for socks). My feet start sweating and then get cold. I use the strongest antiperspirant on the market and no change.

My answer has been to cook my feet. I use Hotronics and if needed boot gloves. My feet sweat and instead of getting cold, they stay warm. Is it over kill, yes. Do I ever have to stop skiing because my feet are cold, nope.
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I am going out again today and will try leaving the instep buckle looser and see if that helps. I can't really leave the toe buckle any looser because I don't tighten it, I use the first slot which just keeps it from sticking out. I will report back later today.
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I have the X Max 130 no problem at all unless it is super cold out. I'm going to install a pair of hot Tronics for the super cold days
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