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Squaw super 4

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Planning on going to Tahoe in Late January early Feb.  Should I take the gamble and buy it now?  It is suppose to be a monstrous el Nino.  On the other hand, the PNW is also looking good, which is unusual for el nino seasons..  Or should I play is safe and go with SLC or JH?

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Who knows. The El Nino could be a bust, or too warm, or winds could shut all the lifts while you're hear. SLC often gets roughly the same conditions as Tahoe. You could get skunked in Jackson. The point is ski trips are always a crap shoot. If you can afford last minute prices you should. If you can't make a decision and go with it.


Personally I wouldn't ski CA if I didn't live here--too warm and too low for my taste, but that's me.

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