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December 16-Blue skies in Big Red Cats Pow town

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Big Red Cats-Rossland , British Columbia

It was an early roll call on December 16, 2015 as we woke to temps in the low teens and crystal clear skies. After our ski day on the 15th it was going to be hard to top such a fun day but we were going to give it our best!


Glamour Session with the strobes under the Grey skies on December 15th     photo:Geoff Holman/Catskiing Canada  skier:Legasa


As the sun started cresting over the Kootenays and the skies turned that cobalt blue, we knew we were in for one hell of a ride on this day. Once again the boys from Catskiing Canada joined us as we made the climb up into Big Red Cats Holy land.


     Erich Thompson or as we call him "Ear Ache" because he talks so much working the glades   photo:Stoddard/Freeride Media


The stoke level was high as we piled out of the cat. The Catskiing Canada crew was once again focusing on banging out beautiful images for their website and publications and the Freeride Media crew was focused on putting together some sweet pow video footage.


           Bob Legasa Capturing the Action                                     Skier:Thompson        photo:Stoddard Images/Freeride Media


WOW! What a difference Blue skies make as we ripped lap after lap behind Lead Guide and BRC Owner Kieren Gual. Both crews were knocking down some great stuff.


                           Alex Wohliab getting after it                        photo:Stoddard Images/Freeride Media


Every cat ride up the discussion went back to how good the coverage and conditions are for mid December. I don't want to say record breaking but it sure felt like mid January as we were skiing zones that are usually hit later in the season. Yeah it was that good.


          Caleb Mullen shows us one way to drop into your line!                  photo:Stoddard Images/Freeride Media


I tell ya, nows the time to get after it at BRC. Give yourself an early Christmas present, you deserve it,  We did!


Here's a short video from our December 16, 2015 day, ENJOY!

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Well this is drool worthy. :drool

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Nice! Killed it. Great conditions and days up there, it would appear. More snow on the way and a great time to hit up interior BC. Big Red Cats is a great spot to be when the 'weather outside is frightful'. 

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