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Hey guys, I have been trolling around here for a while and finally decided to post.  I recently moved out to Reno and have been skiing Squaw every weekend since, been out around 10 times so far.  I ski a bit of everything, groomers, off piste, powder, etc.  I have a good carving ski that I really like, but need something good for everything else.  I have been riding 184cm K2 Annex 98s and haven't been all that impressed.  It is the least playful ski I have ever worked and the maneuverability and general feel of the ski seems dull.   So I am looking for something else to be my go to.  I will be trying out some Volant Machete FBs this weekend but have a line on a good deal on some Lib-Tech Wreckreates.  Going by the description they sound like the perfect ski for what im looking for with the Magne-Traction and Pow Recurve. How much of that is marketing?  Looking around Google and on here there doesnt seem to be too many reviews by normal people out there.  Has anyone ridden them?  What were your impressions?  Other options will be to keep the Machetes, which I will probably do anyway, and get some cheaper play skis.  Appreciate any input.  Thanks