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Look Pivot 14's came apart

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So I was trying to bend a brake leg back into position on some look pivot 14's.  Binding were not mounted yet. Next thing I know, the whole thing springs apart into about 12 pieces in my hands. I was able to (using the other heal piece as an example) put all the parts back together in the correct order. It looks as though the whole crap sandwich seems to be held together by two tabs on the metal plate above that lock into two slots in the metal plate at the very bottom with the brake arms and spring in between. A couple other tabs fit into a plastic waffle piece on the bottom but these tabs seem to be the critical connection. Am I out of luck on these?  Anybody ever manage to get these pieces back together? One would need to accomplish this maneuver to switch out the brakes.  Any tips?



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There are some TGR threads on how to assemble or reassemble them. Those tabs do hokd it together. The easiest way to reassemble them IMO is to do it with out the spring in the heel, then press the spring in place with a screw driver. Its not overly complicated to put them back together, but your first time might take a while.
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^^what he said,^^  I just put 4 of these together  today after extending the brakes  to 115mm.  also be careful  not to pop off the back of the pivot that pushes against the forward pressure indicator.  also to push the spring back in I push one side at a time past the brake arms.  can be a bit tricky.  patience is a virtue.

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Sounds like I was right there with these. Just couldn't mash it together tight enough to get the tabs to slide into the slots. Taking the spring out should help. Saw tgr thread that says to bend tabs down and then flatten back once they are together. Is this necessary? I appreciate your replies and am hoping I can get these back together after my knucklehead move.
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I only would only bend the front tab on the bottom metal plate.  and then only just lightly.  just put a screw driver in a slightly bend it down (do not flatten it)  it easily bends back up after you slide it on.  the hardest part is getting the spring back in.  it might help to turn the turntable to theside so that the Forward pressure indicator does not slip underneath it that way you can make sure the turntable "sandwich"  is flat.  lay the metal base plate against the bottom plastic and align the 2 forward tabs so that they are just starting to  go in.  if it doest slip together with just a little force you can put a small screwdriver or nail into the one of the front screw holes(these should be slightly misaligned) and gently lever the base plate back onto the tabs.  sometimes just one tab goes in.  if that happens use a small flat head screw driver to lift up the base plate from the back and pry forward to release.  then repeat until you get both tabs  inserted. took me a few tries the first time just be gentle and carfule so that you do not break any plastic bits.

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Got it.  Using the screw holes to lever the tabs into place was absolutely the key.  Thanks so much for the advice here.  They appear to be back to fully functional although I noticed the brake arm is still not back to where it should be after all that. I might try  to get it there once they are mounted. What kind of steel are they made of anyway? Stainless?  Very unyielding. 

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not stainless but the LOOK steel is more brittle that SALOMON of the same era.  becareful bending as they are easy to crack/break if pushed too far.

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