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Game on at Big Red Cat Skiing

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Oh Yeah, some damn good riding was had by the Freeride Media crew these past two days at Big Red Cats in Rossland,BC. With pretty much bomber conditions and excellent coverage, Big Red owner Kieren Gaul led us around his playground in the Monashees and we were able to knock down two days of powder bliss.



Day 1 started with Bluebird skies but by the time we got out of the cat at our first drop they turned to grey killing our ski buzz slightly. With temps around 19 degrees and no other groups' ski tracks in sight we were off and those first few turns of powder brought our stoke level right back to 10. It's been almost 8 months since our last effortless feeling of sliding down a mountain with a huge ol' grin! It was hard to believe how incredible the conditions were for December 15!


We were joined by the Catskiing Canada group as they captured photos for their website and magazine publications. Catskiing Canada catskiing.ca is your go to website for the beta on cat skiing in Canada. These guys live for it and they are a solid crew of riders who love what they do.


Day 2 brought us Bluebird skies and some chilly temps down in the low teens. This stuck around for most of the day. The mixture of cold temps and bluebird made for some sweet Coldsmoke shots. There's something about pulling energy from the sun and you could see from the stoke level in both the crews we were fully recharged as we skied some big, steep, open bowls. WOW, nothing better than a nice 800-1000 vert drop of untouched! (Day 2 Video and images to come soon)



If you are even considering going cat skiing this season, NOW IS THE TIME to make a trip north! With an advantageous exchange rate and Big Red Cats offering sweet deals for early season trips through January 1st you're in for an incredible experience. Proof is in the pudding, pull the trigger and get some powder happiness.

Here's a short video from December 15, 2015- Day 1 at Big Red Cats




Edited to add: Here is the Day 2 thread. Take a look, it's worth it!



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Looking forward to Day 2 video and more pics!

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Excuse me while I clean up the puddle of drool I just created   LOL.   Damn, that looks SO nice!

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Very nice! Featuring this on our homepage and social pages!

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Thank you, Day 2 with Bluebird dropping tomorrow.

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Well done sir!
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