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help buying used slalom ski

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I'm a youthful 54 year old skier. Probably advanced/expert. Never really tried slalom gates but last season was given a chance at a couple of events and totally loved it. I'm planning to join a masters club his season and was hoping to pick up some used dedicated slalom skis. I don't want to spend tons of money and am aware that used slalom skis are often not at peak performance. As I see myself as a starter I'm just not sure what me needs will be. If I stick with it I will upgrade eventually. I'm 5'10 175 lbs, and am assuming I need 165 to race regulation.


My options in review of our local ads are, all with bindings:


Rossingol 2014/15 Hero FIS sl 165 radius 13 ( assured hardly used) for $400


Dynastar Omeglass 63 slalom skis, radius 11, 165,  with look p12 bindings. Seller reports minimal use, he's an instructor and only used them to teach, not race, about 8 years old. Reports in excellent shape for $200.


Head 2012 165, WC i.SL radius 13 with 4-12 SP 120 bindings, reports in good shape for $200.   


I'm not in the slightest gear savvy. Want to restrict cost as much as possible (Christmas plus bought new skis last year). I have a set of Fischer 900 progressive 170 that are excellent and have a reported radius of 13-16 (pending on how ski used). Love them but don't think good enough if I pick up competitive masters racing.


Sellers are of course biased. Would appreciate opinion by wise members.





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There are no gear requirements for Masters, so you've got your choices from 155-165 (you DO want slalom skis though). I'm 63 and about your size-I run on Atomic 158s. You may find the shorter skis to be easier to get around, but some guys feel they have more stability with 165s.


Probably more important than a specific ski is the protective gear. Chin/face guard, pole guards, shin guards and race gloves with padding and knuckle protection.

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Just checked with Alpine Ontario the regulation, even for Masters, calls for 165 but apparently no one checks! Maybe different for States. Thanks none the less. Any ideas re the skis I listed?



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The Rossi is the best one for your purposes, but the Head might be the best choice if the money is tight, PROVIDED THE EDGES ARE NOT FILED DOWN TOO MUCH from sharpening.   Once there is no edge left the ski is finished. 

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You need to assess condition of the skis. Esp the edges. Also check to make sure that the edges at the very front of the ski haven't been dulled. If they've detuned them significantly, the ski is crap. Why someone would do it to a slalom ski is beyond me, but they do. The one owned by the instructor stands a high chance of that.

Of the ones you posted, although the Rossi's are the most expensive, you'd be able to use them  and if in good shape still sell them at a good price.

Otherwise, the Head is probably fine if in decent shape. You need edges to ski on and sharpen.


Bear in mind that these make a good all mt east ski. Within reason.

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Very helpful gentlemen and thanks a ton. My dilemma has, in a very fortuitous way, been solved with inaction. I emailed a buddy who's a real gear junkie, ex provincial racer, now instructor. He's got a good used set of Atomics he'll just give me! He's now using a new set of Rebels and doesn't think he'll ever go back. He thinks they're the best slalom ski out there. He lives out west and the last time I visited him a few years back his basement was a minefield of skis of various shapes and sizes. He's probably the best skier I know (personally) and blows me away the rare chances we get to ski together. Turns out the Atomics are ex demo's one season, and just given to him. I think him and his crowd are all so interconnected, stuff just gets passed around ad hoc.  He knows how I ski and thinks I won't be over equipped then proceeded to chastise me for not getting the slalom bug sooner. What  a guy! He's coming out this way early January, no snow yet out here anyways so no loss. The east sucks this year so far everywhere as far as I can tell. Even Quebec and Northern Ontario. Total drag.


Take care, Merry Christmas to all and your families, and again thanks for the considered advice.





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I am also in an adult race league.  Though I do not have experience with any of the models you listed, I do have some friends that race on the Rossi Hero's and love them.  I know a few Head believers as well.  Either one in a 165 is the way to go.  These modern consumer race slaloms are very versatile.  They are very fun to free ski on after the races.  Depending on the hills you are racing, you can even use a 165 slalom for GS on the smaller hills where the GS course is more of a long Slalom.  I was using a 160 but just got the new Volkls in a 165, also have a 180 for GS on the bigger hills.


Have fun with the racing.  You are about at the age I was when I started 9 years ago.  You will find that racing will sharpen your free skiing. 


Good luck,


Rick G

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Good to know Rick. Thanks for the helpful encouragement.



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I forgot to mention.  One of the best reasons to race is that it gives you a legitimate excuse to own more than one pair of skis!


See you at the start!


Rick G

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