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STH2 Brakes

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Anyone know why these brakes are not readily available aftermarket?


Brand new binding, and yet you can find WAY more of the old STH brakes then STH2.


Maybe Salomon thinks if they don't sell the brakes, people will just buy new bindings when they need to switch brake sizes?


In my case, I had to return new Atomic STH2s to Backcountry cause they had no brakes.

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backcountry didn't have them?

in my world there are boxes of brakes in various widths available, maybe your local stores don't want to help the internet shopper?

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Al's Ski Barn, aka normally stocks them in every size. My local shop can get them fast. I've bought them other places on line. They aren't cheap.
Just to clarify, what you're looking for are brakes for the STH2 WTR , either a 13 or 16 {same brake}.
I would check Al's.
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Al's doesn't show them in stock.


Again, seems strange that virtually no online retailers are stocking these, including the big guys like Evo and BC.


I have to return these bindings so BC can ship another set that will have the brakes included. That only took about 5 calls to get straightened out with CS.

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I bought two pairs a week ago from Al's. These things are easy to get from any Solly dealer. I think they are listed as Guardian brakes at Al's. Same brake, same heel.
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I'm a big fan of Al's. If you are unsure of anything regarding brakes, just ask them. In my experience, they have been super knowledgeable and delivered great service. And they generally seem to have quite a good stock of brakes.

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got mine at @starthaus a couple of years ago. I can't remember if they had online or if I had to call them.

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