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Nub's Nob Jan.16 & 17

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Just booked a room in Petosky and will be at Nub's for the first time.... May decide to go to Boyne 1 day.... Anyone in the area that would not mind showing an intermediate around?

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If there is snow, I'll be around for a day up there. 

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Cool that would be great to find someone to hit the snow with

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White Obermeyer Jacket with Red and black.... I will be there for sure on Saturday, still debating heading to Boyne for a day ... but I have a gut feeling I will be skiing the Nub on Sunday as well...

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My plan got moved to Sunday only and likely at Boyne Mountain as I need to save my nubs bargain pass for the following Friday.

Where are you coming up from?


If you are new to Nubs and are an intermediate, Sno Pro, Smooth Sailing and Birch are great ones to get rolling on.  You can get a lot of runs on Sno Pro using the yellow chair and lots of smooth sailing or smooth/valley using the blue chair.  Blue has less lead in at the bottom and puts you at the edge of the run up top vs the green chair which is a longer ride and requires more skating to run starts up top.

If it's windy and nasty, head right back to Pintail peak or some of the side stuff off the Brown and orange chairs.  Both of them are pretty old and slow so I don't spend much time there at all unless the banked course is up which is a hoot.

I don't spend a lot of time at Highlands, but I never venture to the north peak due to the effort and time it takes to get there.

Have fun!

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I came in from Fort Wayne Indiana.... what a great day today... worked my way around lifts and broke a lot of first tracks..... I have another full day tomorrow here... Micht spend more time on Pintail tomorrow.... Have yet to decide... I would like to head to Boyne Mountain but lets just say long story that I should not go into.... Undecided if i will ski monday morning before returning, but If is do it will be at the mountain.... 


Thanks again for the advice, would have been nice to meet up with someone from around here... Enjoy Boyne tomorrow

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