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Shiffrin back in the gates yesterday, again right along the conservative timeline. :ski

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Great to see her on snow. I read and hear that she likely will be back competing at the end of the month, if all goes well. There's quite a bit of difference between what she's training on for a snow surface, and what she would likely be on in the WC, and I think that factors into the conservative approach. Having said that, it will be late in the season when she gets back, and it's been a really odd and warm winter in Europe. The "snow" will be a bit more grippy and softer. Good or bad? Dunno. The MCL tear and the bruise are different. Regardless, she looks great in the recent video. 


Seems pretty clear that Team Shiffrin is focused on the long haul, and if a return this season makes sense, it will happen. At the least, it would look like they are managing things so that she'll be ready to dominate right from the start of next season. No pressure to get back, and no need to hold her back if she's ready. Really encouraging to see. 


Fingers crossed for all. 

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Apparently next weekend according to local Denver media. I wonder if any of the Luv regulars got to see her practice sessions?
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Crans Montana on the 14th. Rescheduled and plugged in the calendar, so they decided she's ready and why not go for it? 


There are 3 SL's and the only "City Event", which will count for SL points, left on the calendar. After all of her time off, she trails the SL lead by 305 points. So not mathematically eliminated, yet, but pretty much impossible to win the SL globe. My money is in her to win two of the three, and I wouldn't put it past her to run the table. 


I don't know if people were able to watch her, but I've heard second hand that she looked better and stronger with each run. Evidently she's back. I hear that her bone bruise healed much faster than anticipated. She's also just a tough young lady!


Bring it on, MS!!

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