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Bindings mounted in the corerect place?

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Forgive some ignorance here with this question that may be very simple but I'm never embarrassed to ask anything. When I bought my new skis last year. (fwiw Blizzard xpowers) I bought them with bindings pre-mounted fromn a shop several hours from my home and they delivered them to me.


I told them my exact boot and my mm length. I did bring them to my local shop (where I bought my boots) and had them tune the skis and also had them adjust and set my bindings anyway. It turns out the bindings had to be adjusted (minimally) for the size of my boots but there is something I just thought about now (for whatever reason lol) but wanted to ask.


If my bindings had to be adjusted than how can I know if they were mounted in the very correct spot to begin with? Sure they can adjust open and close them a bit within reason to adjust to my boot since they were close. But how much (or long) of a boot size difference before one needs to mount the whole bindings in a different spot? Is not there a boot center point marked on the ski regardless of boot size? The fact that my bindings were a even just a tad off how do I know if both the front and rear needed to be in a different spot (even if minimal)??


perhaps making big deal out of nothing but it did spark some thought in my head.

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Oooooo math!  


Adjusting a binding to a different boot size usually will change the center point, unless it is a binding system where the toe and heel can both be adjusted (usually system skis or demo bindings)


For a flat ski with a regular alpine binding you're generally only adjusting the heel, which will change the boot center.  The amount that the boot center point is moving, however, is only half of the distance you're moving the heel.


Chances are they didn't have to move the bindings very far.  If it was a minor adjustment than the amount that your center point is changing will be even smaller!  Even if you go up a full size in boots and are moving the heel back 1cm, you're only moving the center point by 5mm (almost negligible).  


Hopefully that makes sense.

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What they adjusted was likely just forward pressure. You gave them your BSL and they probably used a boot with the same BSL to mount the bindings, But, just because two different boot are marked with the same BSL doesn't mean they are precisely that length. That's why the forward pressure adjustment is there.
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With your boots clicked into the bindings the midsole mark should be over the mounting line.
My skis have been mounted with +/- 1 shell size boots so they are often slightly off the mark, but I don't notice.
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Thanks all for the reponses. I have to take a better look at the skis. But in fact when I bring them for a tune before skiing this season I will ask my shop about this too. I don't recall (without seeing my skis in person right now) if the adjustment worked both bindings or only one on this model ski.


Fwiw I gave the shop I bought them from my exact boot that I then also gave to my local shop to further set all correctly except of course the original mounting in question. When I first got the skis I felt the boot was not snapping in place easy enough and thought they had the adjustment a bit too short. Which they did but not by anything significant so in the end I am probably just fine a few mm one way or the other but lol...it will probably bother me in my head till I find out for certain.


Thanks again for all the info and help :)  always willing to hear more too

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