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Women bindings

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Purchased some skis for my wife, Elan Wavelength 76. Ski mostly Midwest but take trips to more snow and some powder.


Looking at the following bindings for my wife. (5'2" 110lbs, intermediate skier.), boot 22.5 Atomic Live fit 80 


Don't know if I want demo or fixed mounted skis. Daughters could possibly use them, but not necessarily.  They have bigger feet.



Look PX 12 demo bindings

Rossignol Saphir 110 Womens 


Tyrolia Freeflex Pro 11


Not sure the difference between these really maters.



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They will all work just fine. Choose based on price and what looks good with the ski. Be sure to stay away from Merker Royal Family bindings because the heel doesn't play well with small boots.
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Talking of small boots, is the FR 11 more shimmable than the others?


(demos excepted, ewww the nasty heavy clunky things)

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