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Two guys were on the 17th tee. First guy hit a decent drive. The second hit a long drive but out in the rough somewhere. Figuring it would take some time to find the ball he told his friend to finish up and he'd meet him at the clubhouse.

So, our guy goes off to find his ball. Hours go by and his friend is wondering where this guy is. He goes back to the 17th fairway, out in the rough and finds him cold-cocked on the ground with a big lump on his head.

Waking him up he asked what happened. Our guy says, Well, I was out here looking for my ball when I noticed that cow over there was acting kind of strange. I went over and lifted her tail and found a pink ball stuck in her butt. It wasn't my ball but i thought is was a heck of a shot! About that time I say a lady coming through the bushes toward me. I thought I might help her, so I lifted the cow's tail and said, 'Lady, does this look like yours?' ....And that's the last thing I remember!"

True story! (hehe)